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Bug Splat Wrap

As they did last year, the insects mostly stayed away from our Miatas.* The Closest to the Spot was a very small black smudge of undetermined bug (DNA results pending), the Cleanest Car was a tough call as nearly everyone qualified and because of that the Dirtiest Car Award was presented to the car that was the dirtiest at the start of the drive.

Photos provided by the Biggest Bug Champion for 2012 Rita & Larry Garner:

*I need to check with an entomologist at a local university and see if there is an optimal time of year and time of day for insect activity to insure we get a large insect turn out for next year’s event.

Breakfast In Sardis

As the clock slowly ticked down towards our departure time yesterday, Donna and I were still the only ones at the event meeting spot. I was worried on two counts, first, it would be a bummer if some fellow Miata owners didn’t get to take advantage of a drive on this beautiful morning, and second, I was going to have eat all 25 of the Dunkin’ Donut Munchkins we had brought along as a breakfast appetizer.

But in short order three cars came zipping into the parking lot, Rudy & Patti Wilmoth, followed by John & Jackie Nichols and then Larry & Rita Garner. After some pre-drive chit-chat, I went over the convoluted route, left out of the parking lot, after some miles south on GA56 turn left onto GA23, enter Sardis, turn right, stop at restaurant.

Last week when Donna and I did a practice run last week we took along our GPS and Georgia DeLorme to hunt out some really rural roads to bypass the first 10 miles of four lane dived GA56. We kept running into pavement ends signs and dirt roads, neither of which are indicated on the GPS nor the DeLorme. We did manage to find a way, but this would have been too long a drive, so we abandoned it knowing that we did have the pretty direct route that we did use in reserve.

The left turn onto GA23 snuck right up on me and while there wasn’t any squealing of tires or mashing of brakes my turn maneuver wasn’t very pretty. Then less than 10 miles from our destination the route passes through the small town of Girard and GA23 turns right. I saw the sign, but was fooled by where we should turn because of the appearance of the road and drove right by it. A hundred yards down the road I led the group in a u-turn and got us back on track. The rest of the drive was uneventful. We probably should have driven this route.

Just as we pulled in to the restaurant parking lot so did a black Toyota Camry out of which popped new member George Szokoly. His Miata was in the shop with Cruise Control issues. George is 2 for 2 in attending Miata Club in non-Miatas. Not long after we got seated inside the other new south Georgia member Robert De Wester arrived in his Miata along with his wife Elizabeth.

And even though we didn’t let them know we were coming, it was like the staff of the Our Family Cafe knew we were a car club and we were coming for breakfast as they had the Speed channel on showing the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The eleven of us spent the next hour and a half making ourselves at home and eating our fill of food from the buffet.

Afterwards, everyone headed home on their own, and if this small town actually had that many roads leading out of it all six cars probably could have gone in six different directions.

Tech Day

19th Anniversary Dinner

Date: Saturday, February 4, 2012
Time: 5:30 PM
Place: Calvert’s in Surrey Center
Members Attending: Bill Baugh, Bonnie Baugh, Brian Bogardus, Donna Bogardus, Karen Breitinger, Kurt Breitinger, Lindsay Breitinger, Gail Butler, Miller Butler, Larry Garner, Rita Garner, Carol Haff, John Haff, Jackie Nicholls, John Nicholls, Cindy Timmerman, Stacey Timmerman, Rudy Wilmoth, Patti Wilmoth, Bobby Winkler and Dave Winkler.

There were 21 folks joining us for dinner out on the 19th anniversary of the Masters Miata Club. That number is just two shy of the total that attended this event 10 years prior at the same locale. Of those that were in attendance a decade ago, eleven of them made a repeat appearance in 2012.

The conversation was scintillating, the service excellent, the food was great and a good time was had by all, except for the group that ordered the London Broil. Apparently the British cow had trouble with airport security and the TSA because he was a little late making it to the plate.

Next year for the Club’s 20th Anniversary dinner I suggest we return to where it all began back in 1993. Everyone should stop and get take-out from somewhere and then smuggle it into a room at the Gibbs Memorial Library in Evans, GA.

Someone behind me was taking a lot of pictures, I know this because it seemed like there was a lightning storm going on back there. If they forward some of those pictures to me I will replace these generic images I culled from the internet with some from the actual event. The first and last images come from Larry Garner.

January Breakfast At The Airport Cafe

Members Attending: Brian & Donna Bogardus, Rita & Larry Garner, John & Jackie Nichols, Cindy & Stacey Timmerman and Rudy & Patti Wilmoth.

Attendance for this breakfast run to the Airport Cafe was up 500% from when Brian & Donna first attempted a trip there back in October of last year. This time of year Stacey normally has his hardtop on, but the weather has been so mild that he hasn’t bothered. The Garners on the other hand did have their hardtop mounted. It wasn’t a stock top like Mr. Timmerman’s, but a very elaborate custom job that made their car look remarkably like a PT Cruiser.

In typical MMC tradition we took a table for 6 at the restaurant and up-sized it to fit the ten of us by not so subtly rearranging the furniture. Because the place is literally a mom & pop shop the food came to the table in drips and drabs, but this is actually the preferred method ensureing everyone’s meal arrives at peak eating temperature. And whatever the wait, it was definitely worth it, as everything is made in house and delicious. No flash-frozen food trucked in from a warehouse in the mid-west, deep fried and kept warm under heat lamps here.

The best part, at least for the route planners, came as we were breaking up to go our separate ways. Because of the serpentine route taken to get to the restaurant, only a couple folks sorta knew where they were. When one asked how to get to Bettis Academy Rd., so they could get their bearings, we got to answer, “You’re on it. Go left to get to US25 or right to get to I-20.”