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Mazda Fights Distracted Driving

Because Mazda can’t convince everyone in the world to buy a Miata they are going to try and convince them to at least put down the phone and drive for fun.

Mazda Patent Bets That Fun Roads Will Prevent Driver Distraction
The patent filing shows that the vehicle would monitor driver inputs to the steering, throttle and brakes for the hallmarks of “enthusiastic driving” and store the location information of these roads in a database that it could then recall and suggest when a driver’s attention is flagging. The system would use internal cameras to help assess a driver’s level of distraction, which would result in a score. This score would trigger one of several variations of the Driving Assistance Program.

Road/Show Article

Cross Creek High School Car Show

Via our contact form:

Cross Creek High School is having its annual car show including bikes and trucks. We will be happy to have you and your members to come join us on November 18, 10-4pm to show off your Miata’s.

If you are so inclined after breakfast, maybe take a ride over there? – map

The Decline of the Bug Population

Nearly every year since 1999 Donna and I have been running the Bug Splat. It has seemed to me that with each passing year, the quantity of bugs smashed on the front of Miatas each summer has steadily decreased. I know this hasn’t really bothered the participants, you are in it mostly to be led on a drive around the local back roads with the ice cream finish, but it has bothered me. I have contacted an Entomologist at a local university, changed routes several times and even tried adjusting the starting time to optimize our interactions with insects, all to no avail.

Turns out that it doesn’t matter how often I monkey with the setup of the Bug Splat Rally, because German scientists have actually proved my Diminishing Bug Hypothesis – Warning of ‘ecological Armageddon’ after dramatic plunge in insect numbers

Maybe next year we’ll save some gas and skip the drive by just meeting at the Sonic, parking and turning on our headlights. The person whose car has a bug land on it will win the trophy.

Mazda Offers Factory Restoration of Miatas

I’ve always said that my ideal Miata would be a low mileage, unmolested 1990 Mariner Blue one, just like my very first one. Well, now that is possible, without the invention of time travel, I just have to own a tired 1990 Miata, probably have a boatload of money and live in Japan.

From Road & Track: Mazda Will Restore Your First-Generation Miata

Zoom Zoom Box Giveaways

If you were at our May Meeting we talked about getting ZOOM ZOOM Boxes from MAZDA and we did. The plan was to distribute the gifts in Trenton on Saturday, June 17, 2017 at the Peach Festival..

In order to avoid confusion we have decided (with the help of our President Tom Varallo) to distribute the Mazda Zoom Zoom items at our June meeting. There is a bag for each of our paid members and a lot of other items to be distributed via of a drawing – So hope to see you all at our June meeting:

Thursday, June 1, 2017 at 6 PM
Antonio’s Italian Eatery
336 Georgia Ave Ste 103
North Augusta, SC

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