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8:00 am Edgefield Cruise-In on the Square @ Sprint (formerly Greg's Gas +)
Edgefield Cruise-In on the Square @ Sprint (formerly Greg's Gas +)
Jul 20 @ 8:00 am – 2:00 pm
Where: Sprint/Greg’s Gas Plus at 1295 W Martintown Rd, North Augusta, SC (just north of I-20 off Exit 1) – map We will leave from exit 1 in North Augusta by 8:15 and drive over[...]

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March Meeting Minutes

The nasty weather kept a few people at bay, including the Secretary, so Patti stepped up and scribbled the meeting minutes on several napkins. Here is the best guess as to what she wrote down:

Attendees: Donna & Brian Bogardus, Bill & Bonnie Baugh, Jackie & John Nicholls, Patti & Rudy Wilmoth, Kurt & Karen Breitinger & Family, Gail & Miller Butler and Stacy Timmerman

Treasurer’s Report: $1,347.49

Old and New Business:

  1. Kurt might want a tech day change to March 24. He will let us know.
  2. The March 17th breakfast is still on the calendar. Details are posted on the web site.
  3. Auto Fair is off the calendar unless someone wants to take the lead.
  4. Kurt added Walter Mitty on April 28. He will come up with some details. Watch this space.
  5. Stacy talked to Rachel at the Snowcap. She has a Sponsor for the Saturday Cruise-Ins – Yearwood Speed & Customs in Evans, GA. Gascar has agreed to be the permenant “hosts”, but there will still be a Featured Club. Rachel wanted us there on May 26 from 6-8. Since it is Memorial Day weekend, Stacy will see if he can get a different date.
  6. The April monthly meeting is changed to April 12 because of Master’s week. It will be in Martinez at the Mia Rancho on Belair and Columbia Road. Hopefully John Haff (actually Carol) will arrange for the room!!

January 2007 Meeting Minutes

or Masters’ Miata Calendar Mania.

We the meeting members: Brian & Donna Bogardus, John Bowles, Kurt Breitinger, Miller & Gail Butler, John & Carol Haff, John & Jackie Nicholls, David & Autumn Schumacher, Stacey & Cindy Timmerman, Rudy & Patti Wi1moth, and Dave Winkler met to hassle out the 2007 calendar.

As the group gathered, some discussed the fun we had the past year and also some new ideas for the new year. First on the list of business we finalized the details for the annual dinner. Brian suggested the club pay $ l 5 dollars towards each member’s dinner. After a short discussion, his suggestion was approved.

Dave, set up a large white board and we got started on the calendar. As you may note below there are some changes since last year and one or two new activities. The new calendar will be posted on the new web site and changes can be made as the days get closer to each event. Here is a brief outline of things to come.

See the Event Listings and Calendar to the left or click on the Event Category to see further out in the year.

The calendar for the year will gain the details for each event as the sponsor provides information. We will continue to have meetings at various restaurants in an effort to establish a standard spot for the three primary locations of our members, Aiken, North Augusta, and August Metro.

If members hear of other activities sponsored by other Miata clubs or just a fun outing for the group, post it on the web site to let the other members have an optional activity for that occasional spare free day to enjoy a top down drive.

December Meeting Notes

The December 7 PM meeting started at 7:32 when Rudy asked the 16 assembled members for any old business. We were reminded that the light tour was canceled since Brian, the sponsor, had lost his father and will be devoted to his family during the holidays.

We had two items of new business, the anniversary dinner and the January planning meeting. The dinner will be January 27 at the Partridge Inn. Jackie will first up the availability and the details. We should have things nailed down by our planning meeting th on the 1 1 . We chose Fire Mountain, in the small room, as a good location since the food is continuously available as we hash out our 2007 calendar. All members are asked to bring their ideas, opinions, and preferred activities to the attention all assembled. There are some previous trips and activities we have not done in the last few years and the repeat would add spice to our 2007 calendar.

Prior to closing, we noticed Rudy’s sparkling ring finger. Rudy and Patti were prodded into revealing the details of their trip to Las Vegas. They were married November 5 in a private wedding chapel. No, Elvis did not sing at their service, but they do have pictures and a short video. Maybe we’ll “see” what happened at a future meeting. Who ever has a big screen TV could host pot luck and we could watch the video. Formal dress would be optional.

We adjourned the meeting, had a wonderful meal, and sat down to exchange gifts. There were several surprises this year. The gifts were not all for the guys. We had gifts for the ladies as well as the gentlemen. We had a good “Exchange” of gifts among friends. All went home with something. The party was a success