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The Pao

It Isn’t A Sports car, Exotic, Or Pedigree Rich Racer, It’s Just Different. This week we squeeze into an unusual Japanese car: a 1989 Nissan Pao. The smitten owner of this adorable compact city car, Godis Sanchez, tells us what it was about the pastel teal retro-mobile that lured him.

Editor Note:
I have always had a soft spot for weird Japanese cars and while this car is so cute it is cool, I really love a Figaro which literally looks like it was snatched from a kids comic book and brought to life. When I saw this Petrolicious video I rekindled my desire to visit Japan Direct Motors. This time instead of email, I called. I didn’t get the owner (he was on vacation) but did speak to one of his sales guys who promised to pass along my request to him when he gets back. The owner in this video mentions how rare and special his poa is and while it may be special, it can’t be too rare as Japan Direct Motors has not only one, but two for sale (and a real live Figaro too.)

Mr. Cobra

Lynn Park knows all there is to know about the Shelby Cobra – he knows where they all are, the best examples of them and how to drive them. We got some face time with the King of Cobra.

Miata Plow vs Blizzard

Waited a long time to try this thing out, would have hoped for something less than a foot of snow, but challenge accepted.

pt 2 https://youtu.be/kpO10Qb_YHA

This Isn’t The Miata You’re Looking For…

Want to drive a Miata in a Mardi Gras parade? Simple, just turn it into an X-34 Landspeeder and join the Krewe of Chewbaccus, Revel Alliance in New Orleans.

Driving All 4 Generations of Miatas

From Everydaydriver:
With the introduction of the latest MX-5/Miata, we gathered equivalent versions of the four generations for a back to back drive. Along the way we discuss the history, changes, and most-enjoyable versions of this icon. In the end we find some surprises, and discover we still don’t agree about this car.

From the Editor:
Pop some popcorn for this one, because at 37 minutes it is one of the longer ones we’ve done here at the drive-in, but worth it as who doesn’t get tired of hearing other sing the praises of the car we love.