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Jay Leno’s ‘best car’


Here is the whole interview cued up to the MX-5 section:

Up All Night

The last movie featured New York and several different people yakking about driving several different cars and embodied that whole Big Apple esthetic. This one is the antithesis of that, LA, one guy, one car1 no talking just an exhaust note accompanied by soft techo soundtrack. So hit the full screen button and crank up the sound.

1. And what a car it is, a tuned 1991 Acrua NSX with over 230,000 miles on it.

I Drive New York

I admire their dedication to driving a car, classic or otherwise, and realize how lucky I am to be able to jump in my Miata and go for drive just by walking into my garage, turning a key and hitting a button to open the door.

This Mazda RX-3 Is Ready for Anything

“My car is a perfect example of me, in a sense of—it’s no frills. When you look at the car, and know it’s about business,” says Savant Young. “I carry the same demeanor myself—when you get locked in a cage with someone else, business needs to be done at that point.”

For mixed martial artist Young, martial arts and cars have much more in common than you may first think. They both enjoy strong, inclusive communities, both have their highs and lows, and both provide a rewarding challenge that can last a lifetime. “It’s a labor of love in both aspects,” Young says.

Young’s car of choice is a 1973 Mazda RX-3, a car he calls Mazda’s “enforcer”, because it was brought out to compete with sports cars from Nissan, Toyota, and Honda. It’s been extensively modified, and from its aerospace-grade braking system to its Toyota pickup truck rear end, it’s prepared to be a thrilling canyon companion. Young estimates the rotary is pushing out an “all business” 400 horsepower.

“There is an emotional connection. I like to be seen in the car, I like people to ask me about it, and tell me stories of how their uncle had one, because that’s how I came across it, it was through my uncle.”

“I work hard Monday through Friday, and I drive my car every weekend,” Young says. “If there’s a car show, I swear I’m probably out there most of the day, drinking beer and cleaning the car. It’s therapeutic…”

Drive Tastefully®

Autocross Hero

Member Karl Splan running the Auto-Cross event at Bristol Motors Speedway as part of Zoomin in The Mountains Of East Tennessee 2016.

Along about next spring, when some are on the fence as to attending ZTMOET, this video might encourage some to go. Others, not so much. For me, it was a blast. While my times were not great, especially compared with those who had cars with mods, it was beneficial to learn about the capabilities and limitation of the automobile and it’s driver. And I think my car enjoyed the experience as well. All expect the tires. They kept screeching something that I interpreted as “But we are all-season radials. We’re not designed for this!”