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Serial One Reveal

The very first Honda car ever imported into the USA in 1969, an N600, get a complete restoration at the hands of only man with the with the passion to bring it back to life, Tim Mings. This is the reveal of the fully restored vehicle and video number 12 of 12 in the series. To see the whole thing, here is the YouTube playlist.

Miata RF Inspiration?

The Toyota Sports 800 Is The Forefather of Fun

Start with the Lexus LFA and trace your way back through Toyota’s sports car lineage, pausing along the way to admire the Supra, the MR2, the AE86, the Celica, and the 2000GT. But don’t stop there: follow the Japanese carmaker’s family tree to the very root of its sports cars and you’ll find the Sports 800, known to its legions of fans as “Yota-hachi.”

Drive Tastefully®

1804 lbs!

Spend some time with Achim Anscheidt, Head of Design for Bugatti. Achim takes us for a drive around the streets of Berlin in his stripped down 911 while he shares his thoughts on minimalism in design and construction, and how he feels about personal design projects.

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Elvis is Alive

Well his old BMW 507 is thanks to BMW Classics. When you are done with this video and want more a more in depth story of the car’s resurrection, here is a 40 minute documentary.

Do You Really Need The New One?

From Carfection A couple of blokes run the new ND against the original NA in “sunny” Wales to see whether you need a new Miata or can you have just as good a time in a 25-year old one.