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6:30 pm September Dinner Meeting @ TBA
September Dinner Meeting @ TBA
Sep 5 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
This is the monthly dinner meeting of the premier Miata Club in the CSRA. Come out and have some eats with fellow Miata owners. Either before, during or after we will have a short business[...]

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POV Sunset Drive

Yours may not be a 2019, it may not be an RF, it might not even be a Club version, but as long as it has the Miata somewhere in its name I highly recommend emulating this video. FYI: Sunset tonight is 8:07 PM.

If you don’t receive this in time to get out at sunset and it is already dark, here you go:

ND owners, what is that orange light in the dash inbetween the red line on the tach and 80 MPH on the speedo?

IndyCar at Road America on SUPER 8

2019 Indy Car racing filmed using 50-year old technology…

The Blue Ghost

Drew Sidaris received a Honda Trail 50 minibike at the formative age of eight, and his neighbor at the time had a full size dirt bike that he’d compete with at the old Indian Dunes compound before the motocross tracks were closed off. He’s wanted to be a racing car driver ever since his childhood, and was finally able to realize that dream when he and a good friend bought this Chevy 210 and set about getting it ready for the Carrera Panamericana.

See the photoshoot and read more here: https://petro.li/Chevy210Gallery
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Gambler 500 Miata

As some of you may know, Donna and I just got back from visiting southern Oregon, well, as it turned out while we were in the town of Klamath Falls it was the epicenter of several car related events, only one we knew about. One of the surprises we stumbled on was the Gambler 500, this video was shot during the 2017 event.

Every Day is a Winding Road

This is almost too cute for words.