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The Automn Sale

Blipshift is doing another one of those Restomod sales, 2 of the designs are Miata related. On the left is an oldie, but goodie and is now available in this excellent color combo. On the right is a design in conjunction with a partner website, Planet Miata. If you want one, click on it to be taken to the shirt’s page. If you are interested in see any of the other twenty-some odd designs head to their Blipshift’s home page and don’t be surprised when you want to buy something. Hurry though, because it all goes away at midnight Monday, November 4th.

Take It To The Track

Blipshift. T-Shirt. Miata Related. ‘Nuff Said. Buy One.

Available Only Until Midnight 1/11/19

Extra Credit III

For all those times you get that question you can knock out of the park. What color was George Washington’s white horse? When does Oktoberfest start? What is the best lightweight practical 2 seater roadster? You almost can’t miss.

You have until Monday 11/5/18 midnight to get this Miata related T-shirt from Blipshift.

They also have a couple dozen other car related T-shirts during this weekend’s The Autonum Sale if you are interested.

Horse Power

Just in case you don’t have enough Miata related T-shirts in your closet already, here’s another one from the fine folks at Blipshift.
You have until 11:59 PM Thursday, August 23rd to get one before they are gone.

A Close Shave

An NA Miata Autocrossing T-shirt from the fine folks at Blipshift.
You have until 11:59 Wednesday, June 20th to get one before they are gone.