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11:00 am 2019 Fall Steeplechase @ Bruce's Field
2019 Fall Steeplechase @ Bruce's Field
Oct 26 @ 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
I am offering the Club the use of my rail side spot for this year’s Aiken Fall Steeplechase on Saturday, October 26th. My spot is #262 on the Outside Rail (see map) right at a[...]
8:00 am Tail of the Dragon Weekend @ The Gap
Tail of the Dragon Weekend @ The Gap
Nov 1 @ 8:00 am – Nov 3 @ 8:00 am
The “event” hotel is the Quality Inn & Suites in Robbinsville, NC. The rooms are small and it is kind of pricey for what you get, but it is luxurious compared some of the other[...]

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96 (ish) Hours, 25 tees

The floodgates are open Thursday, August 1 @ noon ET through Monday, August 5 @ midnight, so soak up the sun before it sets for good!

There is only one Miata T in this sale, but there are several others of their greatest hits in there as well. As a bonus, if you act fast you can get some free pencils. Open your wallet before midnight tonight and yesterday’s shirt will still be available.

Yet Another Miata Related T

Only available until midnight Thursday, August 1st. Get it before it goes away.
XRun – An arcade autocross racing car enthusiast shirt

The Answer Sale

Fun car? Miata. Convertible? Miata. First car? Miata. Drift car? Miata. Moving? Miata. Mars exploration rover? Miata. Taking the entire 1993 Chicago Bulls out for dinner? Mia… hmm, better take the van! But for everything else, there’s the answer to all of life’s motoring-related tests. It’s looking at you right in the eyes.

A couple of Miata related T-shirts on sale today at Blipshift.com, one definitely NA related and the second NA for sure, but could be stretched a bit to include other generations. Available until Midnight, Thursday, June 20, 2019


by Tiago Fonseca
OOOOH YEAAAH!Come on, come on, lets gooo. Ohh can we please? Did you say track day? My eyes are on the prize!

Self Driving

by Ken Hubbman
Even your decades-old rust bucket is equipped with all the latest features, you just have to work to bring them out! You’re all for technology, but when driving, you want to be all by yourself!

The Best Of The Rest Sale

Remember back in March, when I asked you to go to Blipshift and and vote for a particular shirt in their Carch Madness event because I wanted to buy one of them. Remember how you failed me miserably by not voting and my shirt didn’t win? Well, you are in luck, I can get it this weekend in a “Best of the Rest” sale. I forgive you.


You have until Monday, Memorial Day, at midnight to buy one of these beauties. Get clickin’.

The Apex Everything Sale

Thanks to everyone who voted for my favorite Miata shirt in the Carch Madness Contest, but unfortunately it lost out to the Toasted Brakes T-shirt. But included in this sale are two other Miata related Tees for sale. You have until midnight Monday, April 1 to grab any one of these beauties, so warm up those charge cards and get busy buying.

Re-spec Your Elders

Sideways & Smiling