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10 Years Ago – May 2005

TSD Rally

Date: Saturday, May 14, 2005
Time: 7:00 or 8:00 AM
Place: Rader Mazda

We had 4 cars from the Peachtree Club in Atlanta, plus 2 cars from the Carolina Cruzzzin Miata Club in Seneca to go along with the Master’s members in running the rally. In spite of the two below accounts several cars did not get lost and here are three of them; Team #8 – 1st place, Team #3 – 2nd place, Team #12 – 3rd place.

Team# (not order of finish)
1. Angela & Rick Sherwood
2. Brian & Donna Bogardus
3. Rudy Wilmoth & Patti Letizia
4. David & Nancy Glodowski (PMC)
5. Hank & Sheila Bayles (PMC)
6. Sid Brayton & Jane Bryan (PMC)
7. Sue Gray & El Powell (PMC)
8. Bruce Douglas & Norm Rischbieter
9. Dave & Bobbie Winkler
10. Bill & Janice Martin (CCMC)
11. Bill & Nancy Carkhuff (CCMC)
12. Scott Rushton & Marty Rutkowski
13. Russ & Jean Schwalbert

How many minutes is 692 seconds? And just how far will you go at an average speed of 53 MPH? Donna and I weren’t to sure about the answer to either of those questions, plus more like them, and that was our downfall. We totally blew a turn and had to backtrack several miles to re-engage the course. It threw off our time and mileage for the first segment, plus it skewed our Fiero checkpoint time so that we ended up losing out on 39 points. That probably would have been enough to put us near the top of the standings.

The general instructions for the Rally said have at least a watch with a second hand. We thought, “What for?” Last year the instructions were, turn right at the third opportunity. This year the instructions were full of: Turn right. CAST to 42MPH. Drive for 800 seconds. Turn left at next opportunity. That’s why.

First problem was all we had for a clock was the one in the dash, which just gives just hours and minutes. Second problem was our rusty math skills in dividing triple digits numbers by 60. Third problem was remembering to remember the next approximate time for a turn all the while trying to find the answers to esoteric trivia questions with the surrounding environs speeding by.

We didn’t repeat our last year’s second place finish, we finished totally out of the money, but we did win a nice prize for having the highest score on the trivia portion of the contest. – Brian Bogardus

After all the gimmick rallies I have helped put together it was time I participated in one. Sue Gray asked me to be her navigator, so I decided why not, it can’t be that hard!
I brought the stopwatch that my mom and dad used on their time speed distance rallies back in the 50’s and 60’s when they ran an MGTC and bathtub Porsche. I figured it would bring us luck.
We had to do math and drive and watch for clues while trying not get distracted by the beautiful countryside.

We started off just fine making the first few turns correctly but then I did not trust my instincts and told Sue to turn too late. Thirty minutes later we had backtracked and thought we were good to go. That’s when we started passing Sid and Jane. Hmmm… now what? Then we were doing just fine when we passed the Fiero checkpoint figuring we just needed to see the street sign for Wood Duck road and then turn right.

Well when we darn near reached Canada we decided to turn around. Another 30 minutes gone. OOPS … all along Sue and I were just totally blown away by the beautiful countryside, so we decided, “Who cares that we are lost, it is just a beautiful day for a top down Miata drive.” Several times when we were lost, we just would look at each other and howl with laughter and say, “you wanna turn around?”

We made it to the final destination restaurant with just 10 minutes before the kitchen closed! Needless to say we did not come in first place, but we like our answer for one question about a Beatles song better than the correct one!

Answer sheets were graded and prizes were provided from Rader Mazda that included gift certificates, oil changes, chrome top latch covers and Mazda baseball caps.

All seemed to have a good time and I did not hear of anyone having to ride home without their navigator! Thanks to Sue for driving and next time we will do better! – El Powell

Note from Sue: You bet we’ll do better. I’ve got the hang of this now, and I can’t wait to do another one! Thanks El for being my navigator and for not minding all my quick U-turns on country roads. :-)

10 Years Ago- January 2005

January Meeting Minutes

Date: Thursday, January 6, 2005
Place: Fire Mountain Grill
Members Attending: Bill & Bonnie Baugh, Brian & Donna Bogardus, Kurt Breitinger, Gail & Miller Butler, Carol & John Haff, Jackie & John Nichols, Stacey & Cindy Timmerman, Rudy Wilmoth & Patti Letizia and Dave Winkler

Treasurer’s Report: $1,411.63 in the kitty
Old Business: None
New Business: None
The rest of the meeting consisted of hashing out a schedule of events for 2005. I hope you found one in the envelope with this newsletter.

Jan 6 – Meeting
Jan 29 – Oklahoma in Abbeville
Feb 3 – Meeting
Feb 26 – Anniversary Dinner
Mar 3 – Meeting
Mar 12 – Tech Day
Mar 26 – Talladega Track Day
Apr 14 – Meeting
Apr 16/17 – Roebling Spectator
Apr 30 – Walter Mitty Historics
May 5 – Meeting
May 14 – T/S/D Rally
May 28 – Sno-Cap Cruise In
Jun 2 – Meeting
Jun 11 – Beaufort Drive In
Jun 18 – Peach Parade
Jun 30 – Meeting
Jul 23 – Pool Party
Jul 29-31 – Deal’s Gap (unofficial)
Aug 6 – Meeting
Aug 20 – Bug Splat
Aug 27 – Sno-Cap Anniversary
Sep 1 – Meeting
Sep ? – Membership Drive
Sep 16-18 – Deal’s Gap (Club)
Oct 6 – Meeting
Oct 8 – Jockey Lot Trip
Oct 15, 22 or Nov 5 – Leaf Run
Oct 29 – VIR (POS Racing)
Nov 3 – Meeting
Nov 12 – Scavenger Hunt
Dec 3 – Lights/Meeting/Party

10 Years Ago – December 2004

Back in the day, the December meeting was combined with the Club's Christmas Party, which is why there is a Treasurer's Report in there.

Holiday Extravaganza

Date: Saturday December 4, 2004
Time: 6:00 PM – until
Places: Sno Cap, the neighborhoods of North Augusta & 10 Woodspring Court
Members Attending: Bill & Bonnie Baugh, Brian & Donna Bogardus, Kurt & Karen Breitinger, Gail & Miller Butler, John & Carol Haff, John & Jackie Nicholls, Bob & Ann Smith, Denny Smith, Stacey & Cindy Timmerman, Rudy Wilmoth & Patti Letizia and Dave & Bobbie Winkler.
Treasurer‘s Report: $1408.63

For such a cold night, there sure were a lot of people who came to the Sno-Cap.

I know it was not the thoughts of a top down Light Tour that brought everyone out, because only two cars had their roofs folded when we did get underway.

It might have been those fabulous root beer floats or long dogs served at the drive in, because more than a few people noshed even though a food-centered party was only an hour or so away.

But It was probably more that the Millers lived way out in the wilds of Edgefield county and no one wanted to take a chance on getting lost trying to get to the party. Even Brian & Donna who had pre-run the tour and party house locating the night before, were not too confident they would find their way correctly on the first attempt.

Soon, the Bogarduses, in their dark red sleigh were off leading eight tiny Miatas on their appointed rounds in search of gaily decorated homes. One place from the night before was dark, but to balance it out one place on the route was unexpectedly ablaze in holiday lights. One place was conveniently located on a cul-de-sac so it could be enjoyed both coming and going.

Brian found the Woodspring Court first attempt and the Miller’s driveway was easy to find too. It was flanked by two half scale Miata shaped Christmas decorations. John Nicholls, inspired by last year’s lit up POS and the displays at the Augusta Golf & Gardens, was a busy elf in his workshop this year crafting these special beauties. The lights that represented the wheels and bottom of the cars were chasing lights giving off just the right amount of zoom-zoom.

The Millers were gracious hosts and had a really nice house for entertaining. In their cathedral ceiling living room stood a tree that rivaled the one in Rockefeller Center, it must have been 150’ tall, perfect for placing the numerous gifts under. The variety of different food stuffs was as big as the tree too. I think I got full before trying every one, and that is no small feat.

10 Years Ago – November 2004

Because this year's Fall Color Tour was called off, return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear! From out of the past come the thundering exhaust notes of the great car Miata! The MMC rides again!:

Leaf Peeping

Date: Saturday, November 6, 2004
Time: 7:00 or 8:00 AM
Place: Cracker Barrel, Martinez, GA
Members Attending: Brian & Donna Bogardus, Carol & John Haff, Rick & Angela Sherwood and Rudy Wilmoth & Patti Letizia.

Brian & Donna, John & Carol and Rudy & Patty were there at 7 to eat breakfast. At 8, about the time we quit eating, the Sherwoods arrived to join us for the drive and the Haffs went home. In an effort to not fall in to a routine, Brian had changed from the usual ending point of Caesar’s Head State Park in SC to Black Mountain State Park in GA. Because on our way we would driving right by it, we stopped in to gawk at Georgia’s Stonehenge just north of Elberton like some of us had on the Gap trip in September. When we did arrive at Black Mountain at mid-day, the view would have been fantastic, say 2 weeks ago. Oh well, we had great weather for a drive.

From the state park we drove about 5 miles further north to dine at the famous Dillard House. Meals are served family style and in quantities large enough so that you could eat until literally bursting. After lunch we burned off about 1/100th of the calories consumed by walking over to their farm and petting zoo where we were treated to the jumping goat show.

After lunch we did head up into North Carolina for a bit so we could drive some Miata roads. Rudy & Patti stayed behind in Highlands to shop while the Bogarduses and Sherwoods headed home. And actually the best color of the whole trip was found on 28 south of Highlands, NC. I didn’t get to notice too much of it, as 28 is a mighty fine twisty road and I only saw a double yellow line, a white line and the asphalt in between. 🙂

10 Years Ago – October 2004

Rspeed Open House

Date: Sunday, October 10, 2004
Time: Early
Place: Marietta, GA
Members Attending: Brian & Donna Bogardus, Carol & John Haff Jackie & John Nicholls and Rudy Wilmoth
Guests Attending: Patti Letizia and Mark & Sue Seiler

New York is the Big Apple, Atlanta likes to call itself the Big Peach and I guess it might be an apt description, because today we sampled some of the sweat succulent fruit, but also ran smack into the hard pit.

Rspeed, the best Miata related business in the world, held their 5th Annual Open House. For whatever reason it seemed less organized, in spite of more volunteers helping. It also seemed like there were less people in attendance. Both Donna and I agreed that this year’s festival was less exciting than last, but it is always so cool to see all those customized Miatas jammed into the small lot in front of their building. We got to Rspeed a few minutes after 10 and the lot was already filling up. We hung around, oogled the cars, poked around in the showroom and checked out the bargain tents. We hung around some more. By 12:30 the free lunch hadn’t shown up, so we bailed and headed over to the Mall of Georgia for lunch and women type shopping.