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10 Years Ago This Month

6th Anniversary Dinner

Date: January 30, 1999
Time: 4:45 PM
Place: B. C. Davenports’ in North Augusta
Members Present: Judy Arrowood, Nicholas Arrowood, Zachary Arrowood, Brian Bogardus, Donna Bogardus, Karen Breitinger, David Brock, Noel Brock, Jim Creer, Judy Creer, Hilda Delionbach, Leroy Delionbach, Jill Dobson, Wes Garin, John Haff, Carol Haff, Susan Harrison, Kris Kaufman, Ron Kaufman, Stephanie Kaufman, Jennifer Kelly, Sean Kelly, Kermit Laney, Mary Ann Laney, Jean Schwalbert, Russ Schwalbert, Cindy Timmerman, Stacey Timmerman, Cheryl Van Horn, Ernest Van Horn, Brian Wynne.

Brian W. had arranged for a representative from Andy Jones to bring a ‘99 Miata to the restaurant so we could ooh and ahh over it, ask questions and maybe drive it around the block. Around the appointed time we think we saw the car drive in a driveway next door to the restaurant. Then it was spotted again driving by slow, like they were looking for us. For whatever reason, they never did make it for dinner.

There were three tables for ten set up for us in the back room. With a little help from us it was turned into festive place to eat. Jill brought some fresh ivy from home for centerpieces. She also brought 5 different color candles for the tables to represent the various Miata colors. Jim C. brought a display board with pictures from past club events along with some scrapbooks. Ernest printed out, on a big sheet of paper, information from Miata.Net on the tenth anniversary Miata. We even had balloons tied to the Men‘s Room door.

Everyone ordered from the menu and we enjoyed each other’s company. Afterward, the club members were instructed to feel underneath their chairs for the drawing of door prizes. Those that had pictures of cars either received a free oil change or a car detail (from Andy Jones). Others had pictures of various parts of the car or pictures of restaurant logos. All door prizes were distributed to the lucky winners and then the fabulous cake was served as dessert.

The most exciting part of the whole evening was the splitting of the check. Davenports has a hard and fast rule, all parties over eight are on one ticket with a 20% gratuity added. At least they were kind enough to break it into a check for each of the 3 tables and not just give us one big one for 31. On the top of each check was the total, tip included, then next to each item ordered was the price, without the tip. So not only did you have to figure out what you ordered and add it up, you also had to figure in the 20% tip. Then you had to make change of your twenty from your neighbors who then had to make change from somebody else, sheesh.

We had two new members join the club, Wes Garin (black/tan) and Susan Harrison (yellow). Hope to see them both out for other events.