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10 Years Ago – June 2006

Peach Festival Parade

Date: Saturday, June 17th
Time: 9:00 AM
Attending: Brian & Donna Bogardus, John & Jackie Nicholls, Denny Smith, Stacey & Cindy Timmerman, Lester & Janeth Welsh, Rudy Wilmoth & Patti Letizia and Dave Winkler.

We all met up at Billy’s Super Store and did the usual pre-event thing – chewed the fat. After everyone had a chance to buy some refreshments and/or use the facilities, Stacey rounded us up like a border collie does wayward sheep and led us over to the parade line-up area.

We were assigned spot #34 and the parade marshal had told Stacey that she had set aside enough room for 10 cars, so our seven should have had no problem fitting. Unfortunately she must have thought we were Shriners with go-carts or something because there wasn’t enough room between the pie plate markers to fit all of us. We stretched one car past the beginning marker and several past the ending one. There of course was a simple fix, being as there was no one lined up in front or behind us yet, we just moved the pie plates. 🙂

We then had about another hour to kill waiting on the actual parade to start, so we chewed some more fat and hoped that nothing loud would line up behind us and nothing equine would line up in front of us. It is primary/run off season in South Carolina, so the local politicians were thick as mosquitoes on a summer’s eve shaking hands and smiling.

When the parade finally did start it was kind of anti-climatic. It does seem like every year the crowds lining the route get bigger and bigger and the trick is to meter out your candy tossing so as to not run out before the end and not to end up with a lot of starlite mints and yellow lollipops.

Afterwards most everyone walked into the festival grounds and eye-balled the crafts or ate some nutritious fair food like an elephant ear or a corn dog before heading home.

This is the last of the 10 Years Ago posts, because the July 2006 newsletter was the last one I produced. Someone volunteered to take up the job, but never did. I had been doing a web site along side of the newsletter for almost a decade at that point and by then nearly everyone in the club had internet access. Five years after it happened, we moved into the 21st century.

10 Years Ago – May 2006

Time Speed Distance (Trivia) Rally

Date: Saturday, May 20th
Time: 9:00 AM
Place: Sportsman BBQ
Attending: 30 Members and Non-Members alike.

Thanks to all who competed Saturday. Hopefully you are all recuperated, had a good time, and are still speaking to one another! Here are some facts we think you might find of interest:
Of the 15 teams that competed, 6 actually officially completed the course. One team was MIA hopefully they made it home safe and sound and not still circling Aiken? Edgefield County?

There were 171 total points available. Here are the scores of the official competitors:
1) Bogardus – 134
2) Rushton – 89
3) Gray/Powell – 85*
4) Wilmoth/Letizia – 73*
5) Breitinger – 58*
6) Greathouse/May – 44*
*After a deduction of the 5 point penalty for late arrival

If run perfectly the course was by leg:
Time: 59, 98 & 157 min. total time
Distance 39.3, 74.9 & 114.2 miles total distance – some teams drove over 100 miles on leg 1.
Checkpoint came at 29 min, 23 seconds in.

Most frequently missed questions:
Count the Ponds–10 was correct
Pictures of chimney sweep and windmills=Connamara (we won’t be doing this again)
How long is the fence? 7716 feet

Submitted by Jackie, John, Gail & Miller

Today, May 20th, the MMC held it’s 3rd annual TSD Road Rally and Donna and I came in first. The first year we came in 3rd and last year we finished out of the money, but this year we knocked ‘em dead.

There were 15 teams that started and we were #13 out of the gate. When Donna and I arrived at the finish we were the 4th car in. We knew that there a few cars that probably got lost, we had seen a few going the other way as we did the run, but 6 cars had fallen off the course? Turns out it was worse than that because the 3 that were at the finish ahead of us had only made it there by opening their emergency envelopes…

I guess this must have been harder than it looked to us because only one other team besides us finished with an intact envelope before the cutoff time. Four other teams didn’t open the envelope, but came in after the time allowed. Everyone who made it in cleanly got to pick something from the prize table, the top two teams also got a little cash prize to go along with their T-shirt or hat. We got a crisp piece of paper with a portrait of Andrew Jackson and the second place team, Scott Rushton & daughter, snagged an Alexander Hamilton.

We received no points for time as we were over the limit for both legs. We were long on the mileages for both legs, but were inside the spread, so we did get those points. We got the checkpoint time points by a lucky guess. On the question portion, out of 24, we missed the 3 most missed ones from above, plus 2 more. The reason we were long on time and mileage is that we stopped or backtracked to identify the churches, and it paid off as we missed only one of the 20.

Submitted by Brian Bogardus

10 Years Ago – March 2006

Tech Day

Date: Saturday, March 11th
Time: 10:00 AM
Place: Breitinger’s Speed Shop
Attending: Brian Bogardus, James & Kurt Breitinger, John Haff, Rudy Wilmoth and Dave Winkler.
Guest Attending: Chuck? John? Bud?

My stuffing Club newsletters under unsuspecting Miatas in parking lots paid off as someone I had hit twice, popped in for a while and visited. He is in town until the end of the year working at SRP and whose name I forgot already. He bought a used 99 with some tasteful mods for a fun get around car and showed up to talk Miatas with us. Might turn out to be a member, might not. (Probably not after he reads that I forgot his name.)

We had a whopping 2 cars get worked on. I did the swap of the slightly stripped lug stud and President Dave had his throttle body cleaned and a remote oil filter mount installed. We had one person come to do some wrenching on others cars, Clunk. His partner Thunk showed up a couple times through out the day to help or hinder as needed.

Further inside the newsletter I find this:

Welcome New Members
Kevan & Cate McCaslin from Aiken. They drive a Silver & Black ’99.

Hey, wait a minute, that name (and car) sound familiar, I bet Kevan is the fellow who came to Tech Day…

10 Years Ago – February 2006

Phinizy Swamp Tour

Date: Saturday, February 4th
Time: 9:15 AM
Place: Swamp (well, duh!)
Attending: Barbara Blatter, Brian & Donna Bogardus, Karen & Kurt Breitinger, Gail & Miller Butler, Carol & John Haff, John & Jackie Nicholls, Denny Smith, Lester & Janeth Welsh and Anita Wylds.
Guest Attending: Jim Brickey from the Foothills Miata Club in Greenville/Spartanburg

Anita Wylds is a charter member of the Master’s Miata Club, she has been a volunteer at the Phinizy Swamp since it’s beginnings and she has been trying to get the two together for nearly as long. The stars finally aligned on 02/04/06.

But it looked as if the weather wasn’t going to cooperate. The day dawned cloudy with a forecast for morning thunderstorms. In spite of the weather a nice turnout of cars gathered at the Welcome Center. Sure enough, the rain started as the group approached the swamp. The closer they got, the harder it rained, until as if preordained, the storm cleared as they pulled into the parking area.

After a brief stop in the Visitor’s Center, Anita led the group into the natural area itself. We were treated to a brief history of the swamp and its part in nature. Our tour included several sections of the natural area’s trails and saw many different plant and bird species. We also learned that a big part of the natural area is actually part of the city of Augusta’s wastewater treatment process. If you have never been, it is a place that is definitely worth the trip.

After our tour, most of the group piled into their cars and headed into downtown Augusta for lunch at the Boll Weevil.

10 Years Ago – November 2005

Scavenger Hunt

Date: Saturday, November 12th
Time: 11:00 AM
Place: GA Welcome Center
Attending: John & Carol Haff, Kurt Breitinger, John & Jackie Nicholls and Dave Winkler.

This year it was a non-photographic hunt launching from the Georgia welcome center and terminated three hours later at the Snow Cap Drive-in. The teams were required to return with stuff to score points. The teams had three categories for points, individual items, quests to locations, and competition for size of an item.

Of the 20 individual items all teams were able to find a pack of matches from a local business, a travel sewing kit, an acorn with cap, and a wooden spoon. Three items were harder to find only the Nicholls found a pair of oyster shells that matched and a lump of coal, and Kurt found an inter tube. Item 16 asked for a bar of octagon soap. The Haffs found a bar of Octagon Soap but not to be out done Kurt carved a bar of soap into an octagon; both receive five points for their effort. The last item was written in Chinese and was partially solved by Kurt. All three teams were unable, unwilling, or just reluctant to fetch a “lump of processed hay”.

All teams went on a quest to the Augusta Commons and River Walk area to get answers to questions. Some found the right answers. They found out the Godfather of soul is 5’ 9” tall, there is a soapbox for speeches, and on a sunny day you can stand on a clock and read the time of day. Only the Haffs were able to find and count the mailboxes in Morgana SC., and the Nicholls went to Augusta State University to correctly read the time from the sundial in front of Fanning Hall. If you think that’s easy to do, go do it yourself. Kurt located the cheapest gas price of $1.89 and brought in the tallest pinecone. The Nicholls displayed a huge leaf that over shadowed the other entries.

The three team’s scores were very close Kurt 107.5, Nichols 107, and Haff’s 96 of a possible 192 points.