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Cruise-In on the Square

2nd Annual Cruise-In on the town square in Edgefield. This is not an official club function, but if you are free and like cars -check it out.

More Info

Contact Stacey Timmerman at 803-278-7295 for Even More Information.

July’s Dinner Meeting

Dear Club Members,

Kurt has a race at Watkins Glen, NY over the July 4th weekend, and is allowing me to join his normal Pit crew, so we will not be joining you for our regular Club meeting on the 2nd.

However, Mike & Shirley Dyer have graciously volunteered to setup the meeting and have arranged for us to meet at The Carolina Ale House, 203 Robert C Daniel Jr Pkwy, Augusta, GA. This location is on the corner across from Best Buy and Chick-Fil-A in the Augusta Exchange shopping center (down the street from Regal 20 Cinemas).

Please plan to be there at 1830, and PLEASE RSVP to Mike and Shirley at iamnani27@bellsouth.net so that they can provide a head count to the restaurant in advance.

Sorry I won’t be able to share the fun with you, but Kurt and I will be having fun elsewhere.


25 Years Ago – Summer 1990


By Barbara Beach

“What do you mean $18,000 in medical deductions?” he shrieked, as only an accountant can.
“I bought a Miata: I responded calmly, (as calm as one can while doing their taxes).
“A car is not a medical deduction” the accountant reprimanded.
“A Miata is” I argued. “In fact, I consider it THERAPY!”

It is possible that I may not win my case with the IRS, but anyone who owns a Miata can understand my point. As Will Rogers once said, “The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man”. I concur, and contend that the outside of a Miata is good for the inside of anyone! It certainly has been good for me. I have made more new friends and had more freeway “love affairs” (you know…those stolen glances and passionate smiles) window to window. I never had this much fun in my Chevy Van. Never once did I get a marriage proposal while driving it, but in the Miata I have had several (I will, however, have to wait for my suitors to either graduate high school or get a driver’s license). But a proposal is a proposal!

I would only caution you not to make the Miata gods angry. There is a certain unwritten dress code that one must abide by when Miata motoring. My biggest mistake was to make one

of those early morning ‘sweat pants, hair in curlers’ run to the dry cleaners. Upon leaving the cleaners I was shocked to find two men sitting in my Miata. While this is not what I would normally consider a crisis, it is when I’m dressed for my Phillis Diller impression. A Miata owner must be dressed to meet people. After all, we do represent an alternate way of motoring and have certain responsibilities!!

Observing my self-imposed rule, I was far more successful in my encounter with a top-down 560SL: Dressed as if he just stepped out of a Ralph Lauren full page ad, the Benz driver looked over as I languished in my Calvin Kleins and offered to trade cars. Tomorrow, lunch? You bring your pink slip, I’ll bring mine…Oh I’m sorry! There seems to be little loyalty left these days!

I was in quite a panic when I questioned my best friend as to what I should wear on an upcoming date with a man I really wanted to impress. “Relax, Barbara”, my friend laughed, “Flash a smile and wear your Miata!” I did and it worked! This car is not just transportation, it is a dating device! I can just see the classifieds now…’OUTRAGEOUSLY FINE FEMALE WITH TWO MASTERS DEGREES, UNTOLD WEALTH, AND A RED MIATA IS LOOKING TO FIND A MAN OF SIMILAR QUALITIES. SEND PHOTO OF YOURSELF AND YOUR CAR…’
I think I have stumbled on to something here…high tech automotive seduction. This car should carry a warning: CAUTION: DRIVING A MIATA CAN CAUSE AN INFLATED EGO, UNABASHED FLIRTATION, AND IN SOME CASES SERIOUS PROPOSALS.

The Miata is by no means a ‘singles only’ car. I do hope that all of you married Miata owners enjoy the car for its original intended purposes; starry nights, top down cruising with your significant other. As for me and my Miata…well, we’re just going out to play.

Barbara Beach (and her Miata) play in Vista, California. Barbara profiles other Miata owners (and an occasional man in a 560SL) in each Miata magazine.

Copyright 1990, Miata Magazine. Reprinted without permission.

10 Years Ago – June 2005

Beaufort Drive-In Trip

Date: Saturday, June 11, 2005
Time: 8:00 AM
Place: SC Welcome Center
Attending: Bill & Bonnie Baugh, Brian & Donna Bogardus, John & Jackie Nicholls, and Rudy Wilmoth & Patti Letizia.

After a quick gas stop, our merry band of four cars headed south through North Augusta and then using SC125, to cut through the bomb plant.

In Allendale, we made a pit stop at Hardee’s to stretch our legs, use the facilities or get some breakfast. When we almost done eating Rudy noticed that it had started to rain. This generated a mad dash to the parking lot to raise tops.

We ended up keeping the tops up for the rest of the way down to Beaufort, because it rained on and off for the remainder of the morning. We were supposed to rendezvous at Ollie’s on Lady Island at 11:00AM. The Low Country gang was a few minutes early to get to the restaurant and our group was a few minutes late. Worked out well for us, as we just had to walk in and sit in the empty spots at the tables in the back they had saved for us. It took quite a while to get everyone their food, but this is typical of any place that tries to get 24 meals served at once. The food was nothing spectacular, but the view was nice and the conversation enjoyable. After lunch, John & Jackie went back home (they were along just for the drive and lunch,) Rudy, Patti, Bill & Bonnie headed into the historic downtown area to wander the shops and Brian & Donna joined most of the Low Country Club on a trip to Paris Island Recruit Depot to visit the Marine Corp museum there. From there the big group stopped in downtown too, mainly to visit a chocolate shop and get a free edible sand dollar, but to do a little wandering as well.

The whole group gathered in the motel’s breakfast nook to partake in a fabulous spread of vittles provided by the Low Country Club (quite a bit of it came from the trunk of Bunny McElwee.) The party started at 6pm with a scheduled end time at 7 o’clock for the departure to the movies. Seven came and went, but with all the good food and good conversation no one wanted to go. A little also had to do with the two decidedly non-adult movies that awaited at the drive-in. Finally about quarter to 8 we herded up the gang for the drive to the movies.

We parked in the nearly empty drive-in and donned our 3D glasses so we could get a stranger to take a picture of our strange group. Out came the folding chairs and more chitchat ensued. It also started to sprinkle so the tops went up and the umbrellas went up. The rain stopped and the movie started. The first movie didn’t even come up to my low expectations, but it did serve to make the lame second movie seem Oscar-worthy in comparison. Still, when the rain started again with about 15 minutes left to go in Madagascar, we didn’t hesitate to pack up and leave with nary a look back.

June 4th Meeting Minutes

When: June 4th 2015

Where: Di Novo in North Augusta  – We met at the restaurant, ordered our food, had a short meeting and voted in officers while we were waiting for our food. We had a good turn out tonight! The waiters were gracious enough to set up additional tables when we had more people show up than had RSVP’d.  The food was excellent and service matched.

Who: Kurt Breitinger, Miller and Gail Butler, Dave and Devona Eastman, John and Carol Haff, Jennie and Thomas Hodges, Alan and Jill Johnson, Dennis and Karol Mason, John and Jackie Nicholls, Karl Painter, Hal and Trudy Scott, Emille and Kirill Skliar, Stacey and Cindy Timmerman and Rudy and Patty Wilmoth.

Treasurer’s Report: Started at $1391.47, no income or disbursements: Total carried over $1391.47.

Old Business:
• New members please see Dennis Mason for name tags.

New Business:
• Thanks to Jackie and John Nicholls for coordinating this dinner.
• Apizza Di Napoli was voted  one of the ten best places to eat in Aiken and the night the Miata club ate there was the picture used in the article.

New Officers Voted in:
• President – (new) Tom Varallo
• Vice President – (incumbent) Dennis Mason
• Secretary – (incumbent) Karol Mason
• Treasurer – (incumbent) John Nicholls
• Web Master – (incumbent) Brian Bogardus

The following events have been planned or are anticipated:
• There is a Cars & Coffee event held every first Saturday in the Carolina Pottery shopping center on Washington Rd. It’s from 8-11 am. Bring your car to show it off! Or come out to see the cars.
• June 20th – Breakfast is planned at the Airport Grill (8:00-9:00 am) and then a 30-35 min drive to the Trenton Peach Parade which starts at 10:00. More information is posted on the website.
• No other breakfasts or dinners have sponsors so we are looking for folks who want to coordinate a drive, breakfast or dinner for July and later.
• Kurt Breitinger is going to look into a Brewery Tour at the Terrapin in Athens for sometime in July

If you have a good idea for a drive or place to go, please suggest it at a meeting and we can put it on the calendar.