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Christmas Gathering

Our thanks to all that attended the Miata club 2019 Christmas gathering; even a few members that we haven’t seen in a while were there.

The venue was perfect, although a bit chilly to begin with, especially the restrooms. The roaring ‘real’ fireplace added a lot to the ambiance and kept some backsides warm until the room temp raised. Thanks to the guys that kept it fed. The food items offered a variety of choices, all seemed to enjoy them, and that salad was the talk of the crowd. That recipe has already been posted on the website. The gifting is always the fun part, some interesting items were exchanged, and I think all went home with something of use. All in good fun.

Although this is not a meeting event, we did discuss several things that face us in 2020: low membership, the high cost of keeping the website and meeting venues. Low membership will be addressed as we have in the past with a drive to encourage new by handing out the ‘cards’ and I’m looking at whatever free advertising I can find – problem with getting too big is meeting venues. That too was discussed, and an idea was presented that I like and will ask for your input. Some other clubs stick to one or a few places a year (three or four), rotating in sequence. That would eliminate the constant asking for suggestions but would keep it realistic for everyone. This would also offer the possibility of better service and a possible discount from the restaurant by knowing when we are coming with more business on usually a slow night. I have at least two places in mind, open to other suggestions.

Night meetings were mentioned. I know I and most of our other members are reluctant to drive at night as much (especially during the colder/darker months), as our eyes age and the increase in traffic that is only getting worse. For now, unless I hear otherwise, let’s keep the Thursday night meetings and visit that topic again down the road. Saturday b’fast’s and drives are the easier part and maybe we can move to holding our meeting then. I know that some still work and their weekends are filled with to-do lists around the house, and that all cannot make every meeting, so we’ll watch and make adjustments as they seem needed.  We have a blank slate for the year, as far as events go; any suggestions are welcomed. I have few ideas and will offer those soon.

We discussed, with the current membership, we can no longer justifiably afford our website. We paid $185 for the year, that’ll end in October, and Go-Daddy let us down by deleting out site and it’s still not right. We either find a better deal (as in lower cost), or as I’ve suggested we create a Facebook page for a while; it’s no cost and can be managed by the officers to keep it clean and modest.  We have had the best Miata Club website of any I’ve seen, and we thank Brian for its creation and the work he’s done; but it’s time to move forward. Maybe the FB page would be found by more looking for a local club. As with this email, we’ll try to keep everyone informed and up to date with events and news. If you are reading this, kindly acknowledge that you received it, to verify your email address. I’ll always use Bcc and promise to not send junk.

I did ask again for club President nominations/suggestions; there were none and I’ve asked several that declined. So, with no objections and if no one steps up, I guess I’ll take it on default.

Dennis Mason will be our VP.

Karol Mason our Secretary, for one more year.

Mike Dyer our Treasurer, for one more year.

Due to the closeness of our next meeting date to the holidays, I’m moving it to the 9th instead of the 2nd. Let’s meet at Pot Smoker BBQ, in North Augusta, actually Belvedere, (which is one of my four meeting places mentioned earlier). They have the room for parking, meeting and are always glad to see us. And besides, I love good bar-b-que.

Breakfast on the 18th to be determined; thoughts are Steak & Shake (Bel Air and I-20), Chick Fil A in North Augusta.

Hope all have a great Christmas and New Year. Stay safe and keep it between the lines.

Larry Garner


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