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The Automn Sale

Blipshift is doing another one of those Restomod sales, 2 of the designs are Miata related. On the left is an oldie, but goodie and is now available in this excellent color combo. On the right is a design in conjunction with a partner website, Planet Miata. If you want one, click on it to be taken to the shirt’s page. If you are interested in see any of the other twenty-some odd designs head to their Blipshift’s home page and don’t be surprised when you want to buy something. Hurry though, because it all goes away at midnight Monday, November 4th.

Deal’s Gap/Tail Trip Day 1 Report

Tops were up as the group assembled at Gregg’s Gas Plus. It was 49 degrees and not warming at all. Karen & Kurt Breitinger, Dennis & Karol Mason, Glenn & Deb Link, Hal & Trudy Scott and Tom Varallo were all locked and loaded for the trip. Rolf and Annie Wilms decided to drive on their own and we plan to hook up with them at the hotel. We headed out with four Miatas and a Corvette. We made our way to Route 28 and planned to follow the yellow brick road all the way to Robbinsville with a few stops along the way. Our first stop was to be in Abbeville. About McCormick we decided to stop. That set the tone for the day. No time limits for us. We did stop in Abbeville as well for a quick snack. After that we headed for Anderson with a short drive through quaint downtown Abbeville. About Anderson we thought it might be time to put the tops down but there were no takers. On to Walhalla, SC where we planned to stop at the McD’s on Scenic ByPass. We bypassed it since it was closed for renovations. We stopped nearby. The tops came down and it was on to Highlands.

We entered Highlands looking for our lunch spot the Ugly Dog Pub. It wasn’t the only thing there that was ugly. Parking was, as usual, a problem. After a brief tour of the lake in Highlands (didn’t know they had one) it was every car for themselves. We assembled back at the Ugly Dog for lunch. The food was OK and the prices were high. We decided we would meet up at the Mobile station on the West side of town. We all made it there in good shape. Dennis and Karol wanted to spend more time in Highlands, but we convinced them to head for Franklin. Franklin should have been a good stop. The lead car (Hal) made a quick lane change at the last minute and the rest of the pack passed him by. Thinking the pack was going to head straight for Robbinsville, Hal headed out to catch them. I think they call that leading from behind. Fortunately, Hal was able to reach Tom on the radio and learn that they were parked behind the McD’s in Franklin. Eventually Hal rejoined the pack waiting patiently behind the McD’s and they were off to Robbinsville.

We made to the hotel safe and sound at just after 5:00 PM. We met for an evening meal at the Moonshiner’s Steakhouse. Good food and good prices. Tom found his favorite craft brew to mark a great end to the day. The drive up was full of color. The reds, yellows and greens against a crystal blue sky were memorable. Top down, heater blowing, and beautiful scenery. It doesn’t get much better than that! Our plans for a late afternoon run of the Dragon changed to an early morning run and return to the hotel for our regularly scheduled run.

This is the first real road trip we are making in the new ND. I was anxious to see how this baby would perform. One word. Impressive! The curves in this part of the country are made for sports cars and the ND is a true sports car. It is the right blend of power, weight and stability. Since we only have 1500 miles on the car, I set a limit of not to exceed 5000 RPM. I thought the curves on 28 would give me an idea of how I wanted to approach the Dragon. I learned that fourth gear should work best. The new engine seems to be able to spool from 2000-4000 rpm quickly without hesitation. It is a predictable response. You let momentum carry you into the corner and power out. The car goes where you point it, powers you up and out of the turn with little effort. You are in and out quickly and ready for the next target. This thing is what I imagined a good sports car should be like. Stable, responsive and more importantly just plain fun! Time to go now to shave and shower. I want to be ready to meet the Dragon. I just hope I can wash this smile off my face.