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Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe

Somewhat relevant if you went to the movies this weekend. This is in (at least) 5 parts. I’m not sure because I have only seen part of this episode and YouTube doesn’t show the next one in line up of related videos on the right hand side.

November 2019 Meeting Minutes

When: November 7th, 2019

Where: BJ’s Country Buffet

Who: Cathy and Sonny Black, Don Boltz, Kurt Breitinger, Mike and Shirley Dyer, Larry and Rita Garner, Brenda Hays, Jennie Hodges, Jeff Kelley and Gary Lynn, Glen and Deb Link, Dennis and Karol Mason, Hal and Trudy Scott, Stacey Timmerman, Rolf Wilms.

Thanks to Tom Varallo for planning this dinner meeting. We all grabbed and ate a tasty dinner before Larry Garner opened the meeting by telling us that Brian and Donna had been out in Oregon for a couple of weeks now and had looked at over 21 homes before finding one they both liked and fit their needs.

Larry also told us Mike and Shirley Dyer had a bad accident last week and rolled their truck several times. Mike and Shirley said they were just happy to be here, and we all agreed. So glad they are doing well with only a few aches and pains.

Hal Scott talked about our Deals Gap/Leaf Peep trip to Robbinsville area. We drove up on Friday on some winding roads to Highlands and had lunch, then on to Robbinsville and some more winding roads. Spent the night in Robbinsville at the Quality Inn and got up in the morning for a drive through the Tail of the Dragon, then on to Maryville and Tellico Plains where we had lunch, then drove onto the Cherohalla Skyway and stopped along the way to Bald River Falls, on the way back to Robbinsville. A full day of driving but we saw some beautiful views and very nice leaf colors along the way. A few got a fire going in the fire pit at the hotel that evening after dinner, then hit the sack for the “on your own” drive home on Sunday. All in all a wonderful trip! Thanks to Hal and Trudy Scott for leading this trip!

Larry also stated this meeting we are taking nominations for officers and Karol has agreed to be secretary for 1 more year but no longer, Mike Dyer agreed to be Treasurer for 1 more year but no longer as well. Nominations were being accepted for President and Vice. Dennis agreed to run for Vice since no one else was volunteering, and we got no nominations or volunteers for President. We vote for Officers at the Christmas Party, so please someone volunteer to be President! Contact Larry Garner if you want to run for ANY office!

Last, we discussed the Christmas Party. Since we cannot get the Clubhouse again this year that we have held the party in the last couple of years, the search was on to find a place. Bob Tarrant came through for us and was able to reserve the Outing Club for Saturday, December 21st. It’s an older 2 story home that has been turned into a lakeside clubhouse. It has room downstairs for us to hold our party and a nice fireplace, as well as a screened in porch on the back by the lake. It has a very “cabin like” feel. There is a $50 charge for someone to come in and clean up after we leave. That is the only charge to use it. It’s outside Aiken and a bit out of the way. We debated about doing potluck, catered, or appetizers in the afternoon. Catered was too costly for our budget, and the vote went to appetizers in the afternoon, particularly since the Club is on a backroad with no lighting, we thought we can do the party from 12-4 and everyone can get home before dark. We also decided to charge $5 per person to help cover the cost of cleaning and any leftover would go back into the club account. Karol will circulate (via email) a list for folks to sign up for the appetizers and since there is no December meeting other than the party – we will have to do everything by email. Please RSVP to Karol at Kyyrie55@gmail.com or call or text at 706-631-0532 to let her know you are coming and what you plan to bring. We’ll collect the $5 per at the party. We’ll also do our usual White Elephant gift exchange, so don’t forget to bring a wrapped gift of $10-$15 for each person that wishes to participate. Hope to see everyone there~

Treasurer’s Report: The balance for October 1st to 31st started at $883.03, and added $20 in dues and deducted $0, leaving an ending balance is $903.03.

Club Business:
• The Deals Gap/Leaf Peep drive on Friday-Sunday November 1-3rd went very well and Hal and
Trudy did a great job of filling at the last minute since Brian and Donna couldn’t. There’s a great synopsis written by Hal on the website blog. Pics posted too. If you haven’t taken your Miata to Deals Gap you will definitely want to do it! It’s a perfect drive where the Miata really excels.
• A reminder that dues are coming due by the first of the year – But they will be accepted any
time until then. Please see Mike Dyer to pay your yearly dues soon!
• Please remember to RSVP to our events – it makes it difficult for the planner if we don’t
know how many will show – especially for smaller venues. Your RSVP is greatly appreciated!

• See Dennis Mason for name tags, if you so desire.
• Club merchandise is available: Pins are $3 each; “Support Vehicle” car magnets are $25
per pair, canvas tote/shopping bag $20 each. The 3” window stickers have come in and are available now.
• Coffee mugs and other items are available from http://www.cafepress.com/masters_miata
Communigraphics in North Augusta has our logo, for $8 you can have it embroidered on just about anything.

New Business/Upcoming calendar events:

16 Nov No Saturday Breakfast
5 Dec No meeting
21 Dec Club Christmas Party – Outing Club

You can google Outing Club on google maps and it will come up  – Outing Club Rd., Aiken

Karol Mason, Bob Tarrant
9 Jan 20 First club meeting of the new year – TBD


Deal’s Gap Wrap

Deal’s Gap Pix

Deal Drive/Tail Trip Day 2

We awoke to 32 degrees and fog. We met as agreed early in the morning to contemplate our morning run of the Dragon. We had coffee and breakfast at the hotel. We had more coffee and soon we determined that it would be best to pass on the early run. Tom also reported that he fixed the problem with his hat blowing off his head. He says he did something with double-sticky tape. More later.

We were joined at breakfast by two additional cars. Rolf and Annie joined us, then Brenda and Kelly. We left the hotel at 08:30 for a spirited drive to the Dragon. We got to the start point a little after 09:00 AM and lined up after two other groups. We spent 30 minutes shopping and then at 09:30 we started the run.

Kurt led the drive. The road stayed open with just a couple slower cars that, for the most part, yielded. The group got a little separated and one car got in between the pack and just wouldn’t cooperate. All-in-all a great run. We assembled at the end just before the bridge and shared our stories. There were some great cars at the base from the groups that left before our run. This was Rolf’s first run of the Dragon and he reported that it was fun. His recently purchased Club is still in one piece. It was Glenn’s first run with the club.  He says he has driven the Dragon before and he seems to have it figured out.

After the run we decided to take the optional loop along the Tennessee Foothills Parkway. The fog was still hanging around, but we managed to get some great views looking back to the East at the mountain range peaking through the fog. The parkway was a great choice. It was an easy drive (after the Dragon) with color everywhere. We exited the Parkway at Route 321 and headed toward Maryville. We made a fuel stop at a small convenience store. Several cars fueled up and we spent some time there but left in a hurry. Something about the toilets overflowing. I remember that I saw Dennis purchasing some 90 mile an hour tape. I didn’t hear all the details but the image in my mind made the decision to leave quickly a rational one. The drive along the E. Lamar Alexander Parkway went quickly. Coming into Maryville we passed several interesting businesses. Great antique stores and some restored classic cars for sale. Next trip we may want to spend some time checking those out.

The drive through Maryville went without incident. We managed to hit the lights just right. Then it was off to Tellico Plains. We took Route 411 to Route 68. As we made the turn, we got separated a little. There was a large group of Corvettes that divided our group, so we stopped and regrouped. At first, I thought the Corvettes were going to join us but at the last moment they went on by.

The next stop was at the Tellico Grains Bakery. As usual the food was great. We got to sit together on the inside. After our meal we decided to do The Bald River Falls option. We turned off the Cherohala Skyway at five miles and followed the narrow road back to the Bald River Falls. We followed a meandering river to a bridge where the falls are located. Parking was very limited so most of us parked along the road. Tom went ahead and found a turnaround point that we were able to use to make our exit. There were restrooms there as well.

After we took all the pictures we wanted, we left the area. We reentered the Parkway headed toward Robbinsville. The parkway is in great shape and the route provides a variety of twists and turns some slow speed and others higher speed with wider radius curves. Super Fast! Super Fun!  Returning to Robbinsville we were on our best behavior entering the city and during our parade past local law enforcement. Honest officer we drove like this all day long – NOT!  The group assembled at 6:00 PM to decide where to go eat after a fantastic day. We decided on Lynn’s Place and the food was great.

Six Miatas and one Corvette zooming through the hills of Tennessee. It was a memorable event. Thanks to all those who attended this year’s drive. I hope you will join us again next year. By the way, my strategy was good. I kept the ND in fourth gear for most of the run. I followed Kurt and was almost able to hang with him. I never exceeded 5000 RPM and I didn’t hear Trudy scream once.