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6:30 pm August Dinner Meeting @ Ferrando's Italian Pizzeria
August Dinner Meeting @ Ferrando's Italian Pizzeria
Aug 1 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Ferrando’s Italian Pizzeria is located at 152 S Aiken Lane, in a shopping center off Whiskey Road in Aiken’s southside. It is to the side of O’Charley’s – in between Verizon, FireHouse Subs, and Marble[...]

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You’re A Good Man Bob


  1. Who is that actress?
  2. What is this from?
  3. What year Miata is this?

I have a special prize package for the first person to answer all three questions correctly in the comments.

2 comments to You’re A Good Man Bob

  • Wow, 2 out of 3 correct and a miss on the year. But we are going to award you the prize because that was pretty good sleuthing and probably only me and current Jeopardy Champion James Holzhauer would know that the car is either a 2004 or 2005.

    If you look closely behind Winona’s seat from the 7 second mark onward you notice what looks like a mini headrest. That is actually a speaker. Mazda added two speakers to the factory windblocker for those two years.

    At the next event we are both at, I will have for you a random sticker and a Cars movie Matchbox Miata. I don’t know if it will be a Mia or a Tia as they are even harder to tell apart than a 2001 and a 2004 Miata.

  • Karol Mason

    1. Winona Ryder
    2. A Scanner Darkly
    3. I’m gonna say NB because of the high back seats that are not separated into a headrest and no roll bars behind but year?? I’m guessing with 2001???