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6:30 pm August Dinner Meeting @ Ferrando's Italian Pizzeria
August Dinner Meeting @ Ferrando's Italian Pizzeria
Aug 1 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Ferrando’s Italian Pizzeria is located at 152 S Aiken Lane, in a shopping center off Whiskey Road in Aiken’s southside. It is to the side of O’Charley’s – in between Verizon, FireHouse Subs, and Marble[...]

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Club Spring Picnic

Deb & I enjoyed it, especially being guests at the Outing Club. Brian, your banana pudding was the best ever!

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  • Trudy Scott

    Thank you! We had a great time today. The Outing Club is perfect even on a rainy day. It brought back memories of trips to Wisconsin fishing camps when I was a kid.

  • The Banana Pudding is a joint effort, it is not just me. Here is the recipe if you would to recreate this at home or maybe dazzle your friends and family at the next get together.


    1 large box (6oz.) Instant Vanilla Pudding (or 2 small 3.4oz. boxes)
    2 cups Cold Milk
    8oz. Sour Cream
    12oz. tub Cool Whip
    1 large box Vanilla Wafers*
    3 – 6 large Bananas*
    *add more or less of these depending on preference

    Mix milk and pudding mix in large bowl until it starts to thicken.
    Add sour cream and mix for about 2 minutes.
    Fold in Cool Whip until all ingredients are mixed well together.
    In large deep container layer wafers, banana and pudding mixture.
    Repeat making as many layers as possible.
    Top with crumbled vanilla wafers.


    Thanks to Bobby T for hosting us (and for going above and beyond and doing while slightly under the weather.)

  • Sue Woomer

    Thank you to the Tarrant’s for reserving the perfect place for the Miata Club Picnic. It was the perfect place to have a cool and rainy day picnic by the fire. We really enjoyed it. We missed you Patsy. We hope you are feeling better.

    Mr. President, thank you for the recipe again. When I copied it, I renamed it to the Miata Club Banana Pudding. I vote that we should make it the official club dessert.