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Breakfast At Auten’s

Members Attending: Rolf & Annie Wilms, Tom Varallo, Kurt Breitinger and Donna & Brian Bogardus

When the Bogarduses led a group to Deals Gap last fall the trip up was foggy, rainy and misty, when they led a group to Greenwood to see a car collection it was foggy and misty, so why would the weather for this morning’s breakfast drive be anything but cloudy and misty. At least it was not foggy nor rainy and it was warm enough for 2 of the 3 cars who took the round about way to Auten’s, to do it with the top down. The Wilms and Mr. Varallo, who live in the Aiken area, took the easy way out and instead of driving to North Augusta just to turn around and drive back, met the other 5 at the restaurant. The food was good and plentiful, the coffee was tasty and promptly refilled and the conversation varied and spirited.

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