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Rotary Spirit

The influence of modified Japanese sports cars found a new high watermark in the car enthusiast community in the 1990s and early 2000s, especially with the younger subset looking for something other than their parents’ favorite European and American fare. A lot of kids were affected by the so-called Gran Turismo era, but very few of them can say they grew up to own one of the halo cars of the era, Mazda’s ultimate send-off to the iconic RX-7: the Spirit R.

See the photoshoot and read more here: https://petro.li/RX7SpiritRGallery
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Breakfast At Auten’s

Members Attending: Rolf & Annie Wilms, Tom Varallo, Kurt Breitinger and Donna & Brian Bogardus

When the Bogarduses led a group to Deals Gap last fall the trip up was foggy, rainy and misty, when they led a group to Greenwood to see a car collection it was foggy and misty, so why would the weather for this morning’s breakfast drive be anything but cloudy and misty. At least it was not foggy nor rainy and it was warm enough for 2 of the 3 cars who took the round about way to Auten’s, to do it with the top down. The Wilms and Mr. Varallo, who live in the Aiken area, took the easy way out and instead of driving to North Augusta just to turn around and drive back, met the other 5 at the restaurant. The food was good and plentiful, the coffee was tasty and promptly refilled and the conversation varied and spirited.

February 2019 Meeting Minutes

When: February 7th, 2019

Where: Red Pepper Cafe, Aiken

Who: Brian and Donna Bogardus, Don and Kay Boltz, Mike and Shirley Dyer, Glen and Deb Link, Dennis and Karol Mason, Bob and Pat Tarrant, Tom and Susan Varallo, Dave and Sue Woomer, .
Thanks to Shirley for making reservations for tonight’s meeting! – Red Pepper was very nice, we had our own room and enjoyed dinner and appetizers

Treasurer’s Report: The balance is at $891.91 from last month.

Club Business:
• Dues for the upcoming year are now due!, So please prepare to contribute at the next meeting,
and see Mike Dyer to pay them. Thank you for your support!
• Please remember to RSVP to our events – it makes it difficult for the planner if we don’t
know how many will show – especially for smaller venues. Your RSVP is greatly appreciated, so please don’t forget.

• See Dennis Mason for name tags, if you so desire.
• We have business cards with the club website to handout to prospective Miata
owners that may be interested in joining our club.
• Club merchandise is available: Pins are $3 each; “Support Vehicle” car magnets are $25
per pair, canvas tote/shopping bag $20 each. The 3” window stickers have come in and are available now.
• Coffee mugs and other items are available from http://www.cafepress.com/masters_miata
Communigraphics in North Augusta has our logo, for $8 you can have it embroidered on just about anything.

New Business/Upcoming calendar events:

16 Feb Third Sat meet-up – Autens in Aiken Donna Bogardus
7 Mar Dinner meeting – TBD Karol Mason
16 Mar Someone wanna plan a drive or breakfast or something??
23 Mar Aiken Steeplechase – we have a nice spot at the rail (thanks Tom & Sue) but you have to buy your own tix this year.
Early April Outing Club picnic/pot luck – TBD Bob & Pat Tarrant
25-27 Apr Miata’s at Myrtle Beach


On your own
11 May Road Rally – but we MUST have at least 5 cars, otherwise it’s just too much to plan out Dave & Ellie Brock
6-8 June Zoomin’ in the Mountains of East Tennessee https://www.facebook.com/pg/Zoomin-The-Mountains-Of-East-Tennessee-161861850537211/events/ On your own

Strange Cars In A Strange Land In A Strange Time

The cars, American Land Yachts. The land, Jolly Ol’ England. And the time, 1973. Six minutes of a very stylish English gentleman expressing disdain for the use of Detroit Iron to navigate their tiny roads.