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Gas Up The Miata


  1. Who is that actress?
  2. What is this from?
  3. What year Miata is this?

I have a special prize package for the first person to answer all three questions correctly in the comments.

2 comments to Gas Up The Miata

  • Karen Breitinger

    The actress is Sally Field from the film “Maniac.” The year would be 1990-1992. I can’t narrow it down any further than that.


  • We have a winner.

    That is Sally Field playing Dr. Greta Mantleray in Netflix’s “Maniac” and the Miata is either a later 1990, a 1991 or a 1992 as those were the only years silver was available on the NA.

    Congratulations Kurt, your prize package consists of a yellow Hotwheels ND Miata and a Blinker Fluid Inspector sticker and can be picked up at any future Club Meeting.

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