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1963 TVR Grantua: Eye Candy

Gregorie Desmons has always had a sensitivity to the aesthetic elements of life, and so for him the first impulses to own classic sports cars came from the question of form rather than horsepower. Though many will argue that art following its purest definition shouldn’t be concerned with anything practical like transportation, we all know the truth to be otherwise…

Don’t forget to hit the CC button to get the English subtitles.
(The next one will be in English. I promise.)

See the photoshoot and read more here: https://petro.li/TVRGranturaGallery

2 comments to 1963 TVR Grantua: Eye Candy

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  • Karen Breitinger

    As a related subject, I was watching season 2 of the Grand Tour (starring the Top Gear guys). One of their guests was an ex factory worker with TVR, who talked about the sometimes crude messages that would be left on various parts of the car for the next man on the assembly line. Interesting tidbit if you buy one – check under the carpets for a message.