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Saturday Drive and Lunch (very late breakfast)

Where: Raceway, 2664 Columbia Hwy N, Aiken, SC 29805 – (map)

The Raceway is in front of the Days Inn just south of I-20 at Exit 22. We will be heading to Wiz’s Eatery in beautiful Batesburg-Leesville, SC at 110 Church St (SC23.)

Event Coordinators: Debbie & Matt Wojtkowicz

Please let Them know if you are planning on attending so they can give the restaurant a heads up.

14 comments to Saturday Drive and Lunch (very late breakfast)

  • Jennie Hodges

    Will not be able to attend. Have fun.

  • Victor Yu

    I will meet you guys at Raceway.

  • We plan to attend this event.

  • Jennie Hodges

    Unable to attend. Have fun.

  • Shirley & Mike

    Not this time – We just returned from our trip late Thursday night –
    Need sleep ! Amazing trip !!! Thanks Debbie for all your help in planning
    it and I am so sorry we’re going to miss your ride and lunch! Need Sleep !!!

    Shirley & Mike

  • Shirley K. Dyer

    OOOps !!! Yes, I do need more sleep – but not that much ! I thought it read Saturday, tomorrow – as in Oct. 6th, So, count us in – We will be there on Saturday,
    October 20th at 10:15 AM at Raceway – Now I am going back to bed. Jet Lag is a real
    thing !!!

    Shirley & Mike

  • Bobby T

    We can’t make it this time, but the WIZ is a great place . Get the Ruben more than two people can eat. Enjoy

  • Dennis

    Karol and I are planning to be there!

  • Larry Garner

    I’ll be there, Rita can’t. Hope the forecast showers don’t happen.

  • Daryl Shipman

    Sherry and I will be there.

  • Gary & Jeff

    Sorry, we can’t make it. Have fun!

  • Larry Garner

    Thanks to Debbie and Matt for leading us in their new ND around the country-side to a great place for a meal. Large menu and large portions is their style at the Wiz’s Eatery. One ND, one NB and 5 NC’s (all PRHT) got a few looks as we paraded by. Ah the joys of going topless: the scenery around you, the sky above, the wind in your hair and the aroma’s – some not so pleasant. Top up on the way back due to showers in the area but it was a great trip and all enjoyed the drive and visit with some good people.

  • Shirley & Mike

    Debbie and Matt, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !! Your ride was terrific and so well planned. The destination most delicious. A great Saturday morning/early afternoon. Thank you again !!!

  • Nicely done Debbie & Matt. Interesting little drive and a great place to eat. Next time we’re doing what Daryl & Sherry did – share a sandwich – I think I might be still working on digesting that burger. Bonus points for the no pressure moving scavenger hunt.