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Wanted: One Webmaster

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On November 1, 2018, I will be letting go of the reins of the Club web presence that I have held since early in 1997. I have gone from hand-coding html hosted for free on something called Geocities to a WordPress blog hosted on GoDaddy with our very own domain name, MastersMiataClub.com. It has been fun, but after 21 years it has worn out it’s welcome. Maintaining the site itself is not hard, but wrangling content has become a real challenge.

Keeping it like it is for the hundred something dollars a year, going to just Facebook for free, an online newsletter program or just using an email list, anyway we go, there needs to be someone to keep it updated. This could be you, email me at brian.the.red@gmail.com

I will certainly be available to help anyone get started with the current system or help transition to something else.

1 comment to Wanted: One Webmaster

  • Larry Garner

    You’ve done a great job, and I understand there comes a time for change. We’ve talked about going to a Facebook page before now, not sure it would have the following this site has now but we could try it along with, to see how it goes. Then decide at renewal time. I’m on the NC Facebook page and the original Miata one; both seem to get a lot of looks – there should be overseer’s to keep out the spam and rif-raf. We could do both if someone in the club would take it.