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Horse Power

Just in case you don’t have enough Miata related T-shirts in your closet already, here’s another one from the fine folks at Blipshift.
You have until 11:59 PM Thursday, August 23rd to get one before they are gone.

Heads Up for NC Owners

A little note from Larry Garner for those of you whose Miatas are from 2006-2009:

We recently got some coverage for Ritas’ mom and got away for a few days and visited friends in Helen, GA, and drove some of the great roads in the area. We get back and after the NC sat for a few days, noticed a small puddle of fluid underneath.

An exam finds that the top of the radiator reserve, where the cap sits has cracked and separated under pressure. On further info search, I read that this part has a life of about 10-years; our car was built in 11/07. Glad it didn’t happen on that trip.

Kinda like when we drove the NA to Niagara Falls in 2012 (2400 miles) and two weeks after we get home, I find a hair line crack in the original radiator.

One thing I’m finding is that parts for the NA are very plentiful and inexpensive but not so much on the NC. There is an upgrade for the NC, in aluminum, but it’s $250, while the OEM one is around $70 or so on-line. I have one on order and it’s an easy swap.

— Larry

2018 Bug Splat Wrap

2018 Bug Splat Start

Members Attending: Debbie & Matt Wojtkowicz, Bobby & Sandra Matthews, Trudy & Hal Scott, Tom Varallo, Richard Whitehurt & friend Lee, Jennie & Thomas Hodges, Dennis & Karol Mason and Brian & Donna Bogardus.

Donna and I were a little worried about how many folks would turn out for a morning bug splat as opposed to the usual evening event, but it turns out they were unfounded. We ended up with 8 cars which is just about our average participation.

If only the bugs had turned out as well. The winning Big Bug was anything but and the total number of bugs and splats were few and far between. You know, it seems like I have been complaining about the amount bugs for the past few years thinking that they were so much more prevalent “back in the day”, so I got curious and looked back over the past Bug Splat wrap ups.

Turns out I have nearly always complained about there being hardly any insects to be had. So maybe this year was just about our average bug participation too.

The glamorously ginormous Biggest Bug Trophy was awarded to the Masons, the Most Bugs prize of a 2-Pack of Bug Racers was awarded to the Matthewses, the Fewest Bug prize of a deck of insect filled cards for playing Crazy Eights was won by the Scotts and the Wojtkowiczes took home the Nearest to the Dot prize of a bottle of Bull’s Eye BBQ Sauce

August 2018 Meeting Minutes

When: August 2nd, 2018

Where: BJ Country Buffet, 611 E. Martintown Rd., North Augusta

Who: Brian and Donna Bogardus, David and Ellie Brock, Dennis and Karol Mason, Tom and Susan Varallo, Ralf Wilms, Matthew and Debbie Wojtkowicz, and Victor Yu.
Thanks to Tom and Susan Varallo for making plans for tonight’s meeting. As usual we had our own private room which made is nice as we were doing our planning so we didn’t disturb other diners. Members enjoyed chatting and socializing before the meeting started. The food as usual was good.
The planning meeting was accomplished pretty quickly.

Treasurer’s Report: Our treasurer was not present so our balance of $1170.97 is carried over.

• See Dennis Mason for name tags if you so desire.
• Tom and Larry have business cards with the club website to handout to prospective Miata owners that may be interested in joining our club.
• New club merchandise is available: Pins are $3 each; “Support Vehicle” car magnets are $25 per pair, canvas tote/shopping bag $20 each. The 3” window stickers have come in and are available now.
• Coffee mugs and other items are available from http://www.cafepress.com/masters_miata
Communigraphics in North Augusta has our logo, for $8 you can have it embroidered on just about anything.

Club Business:
• November 1st after (was it 30 years Brian?) of service to our club, Brian Bogardus is retiring as
webmaster. That will also be time for the website renewal fees. So we need to consider what we want to do from then on. Facebook page, email only, continue the website? (but we will need a new webmaster).
• December will be here before we know it and we need to start thinking about the Christmas
Party. Tom will talk to Patty Wilmoth about getting the clubhouse (where they live) for our Christmas Party again this year (preferably Dec 8th or 15th). We will also need to decide what we want to eat and how best to do that. Start thinking about it, so we can discuss at the next meeting.
• If you haven’t paid your dues for the year, please see Mike Dyer or any officer at your next
meeting to get caught up. Thank you for your support!
• Please remember to RSVP to our events – it makes it difficult for the planner if we don’t
know how many will show – especially for smaller venues. Your RSVP is greatly appreciated, so please don’t forget.

New Business/Upcoming calendar events:

11 Aug Coffee and Cars – Sponsored by Timms Harley Davidson  The meet is from 9am to 12 noon in the parking lot at Dayspring Baptist Church next to Timm’s Harley Davidson of Augusta – 4220 Belair Frontage Road, Augusta You
18 Aug Saturday breakfast and drive will be Bug Splat!

Details on the website.

Brian and Donna Bogardus
6 Sep Dinner meeting – TBD
15 Sep Breakfast and drive – TBD Matthew and Debbie Wojtkowicz
4 Oct Dinner meeting – TBD Dennis Mason
20 Oct Breakfast & drive – TBD Tom Varallo
26 Oct Steeplechase in Aiken Tom/Dennis/Brian?
1 Nov Dinner meeting – TBD (Officers Nominations) David & Ellie Brock
2-4 Nov Tale of the Dragon run

Details on the website

Brian & Donna Bogardus
TBD Christmas Party – December   ?

Breakfast Bug Splat

Where: Shell/Circle K at Exit 22 of I-20 Aiken – map

The last few years the insect population has been very uncooperative in showing up for our night drives for this event, so in a desperate attempt to find some actual bugs to splat, and to fill a hole in the Club’s breakfast lineup, we’ve decided to try running this event 12 hours earlier than we normally do.

As always, fabulous prizes await the winners in the Biggest Bug, Most Bugs, Fewest Bugs and Closest To the Dot competitions.

Take US1 south from the exit and it is the second gas station on the right. We will leave the Shell/Circle K at 8:00 AM for a 40 mile drive ending up at The Village Cafe (menu) in the Woodside Villages off Silver Bluff south of Aiken.

Event Coordinator: Brian & Donna Bogardus 803-443-2988