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Need A New Top

Hello All,

My 10th-Anniversary Edition is in desperate need of a new top.  Can anyone give me a recommendation of a reliable auto upholstery shop in the CSRA (preferably Evans/Augusta area) that I can take it to???


4 comments to Need A New Top

  • Jennie Hodges

    My 2004 is going to need one as well. Redmond’s Upholstery told me they can put one on it for $1500. I would like some input back on that as well.

  • Tom Varallo

    Randy Redmond is really the only game in town if you want a long lasting,, trouble-free job. He’s done 3 Miata tops for me, all vinyl with heated back glass, no complaints. He charged $ !,200 for the most recent one, about 7 years ago.

  • Douglas Martins

    I did a cloth one on my wife’s NA with a glass back window myself, but the parts cost about $700. I suppose those are good commercial shop prices for the job, it does take some time but I go slow and steady always win the race!
    Though I do have a lot of tools in my barn…

  • Ralf Wilms

    My upholstery guy, albeit in Aiken is at about $300 I think. He has very little or no overhead, works out of his garage in back of his house and is a first class upholsterer judging by the amount of work he does. He can supply the parts I think which would cost extra but I usually get what I want and bring it to him.