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2019 MX-5 gets a performance boost!


2 comments to 2019 MX-5 gets a performance boost!

  • Kurt Breitinger

    I sure wish they would have changed the ugly rear end. Bring back Tom Matano please!

  • Larry Garner

    Many things I don’t like about the ND; but, Gerald Jones has one good looking RF with AT6 and all the features for $44k, and it’s white. No, I just looked and passed. Did find out that the Miata is exempt from the law of having a back-up camera, because….it’s a convertible. Does that make any sense? I would respect Mazda more if they got with the program and put a smaller displacement engine with a turbo on it. The little 2.0L in my Eos is turbo’ed and wow, it’ll scoot and still get great mpg’s. Oh, GJ also has a new ’16 soft top, that they haven’t sold. The sticker on it: $33,333.33. Yes, that’s what it says.
    Honda’s new CRV (that we were looking at for Rita), now comes with a 1.5L Turbo and a CVT. It’s rated at 195hp and 37 mpg’s on the highway. It’ll carry 5 and lots of luggage.