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“I Feel Good” Rally Wrap Up

Members Attending: Donna & Brian Bogardus, Don & Kay Boltz, David & Ellie Brock, Gary Ly & Jeff Kelly, Dennis & Karol Mason and Trudy & Hal Scott.

This was the second road rally/photo scavenger hunt for the club that Ellie & David Brock have put on (thanks!!!). This year’s was entitled the “I Feel Good” Rally because instead of last year’s rural roads, we were treated to a more urban route around the Godfather of Soul’s adopted home town of Augusta, Georgia and three of the nine photos needed were James Brown related.

The Masons took home the engraved glassware for their narrow first place finish. The second, third and fourth place teams took home no prizes, but did take home full bellies of North Augusta’s Sno Cap Drive In food. The fifth team was a DNF, I won’t tell you who they were, but somewhere along the course they bolted for home.

Be sure and check out the winning team’s navigation of Instruction #27 “Enter traffic circle and take 8th R” on the event Facebook page.

And if you are interested, you can read my 800 word blog post about Donna and my Rally Adventure over on the Life of Brian. Below are our 9 photos.

3 comments to “I Feel Good” Rally Wrap Up

  • Donald Boltz

    Thanks for the interesting challenge. Yes we did DNF. But we did not quite “bolt” for Home, it was more like a leisurely drive, while the navigator (me) regained composure. My worse trait having preconceived notions of the route, caused many off course situations. However we resolve to try again if permitted.

  • Gary

    We enjoyed it. Being new to this area, it was interesting to get a tour of the area during the event. Especially that little quarter by town after we passed the truss bridge. What’s that area/town called?

  • Karol Mason

    Gary, That’s called (fittingly) “Old Town”. 😉