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Photo Scavenger Hunt / Road Rally This Weekend

Don’t forget the Brocks are putting on a road rally event this coming Saturday (4/21). Please take a moment out of your busy day to RSVP a Yeah or Nay so that they can properly plan for the event.

Leave a comment indicating your status:
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10 comments to Photo Scavenger Hunt / Road Rally This Weekend

  • Jennie Hodges

    I am unable to attend as I will be participating in the first part of my ultimate adult Boy Scout training (Woodbadge) from Friday morning, through Sunday late afternoon.
    Have fun on the hunt and stay safe.

  • David Brock

    We will be meeting at 9:00 at Greg’s Gas Plus north of I-20 Exit 1. Patrick and Jeanne will not be able to be here to defend their title so a new champion is guaranteed. Come on out and take home the hardware!

  • Daryl Shipman

    I will attend as driver with Tom Varallo as my navigator.

  • Don boltz

    Don &Kay will be there

  • Gary Ly

    Hello, I’m new, so I might as well make this my introduction! I’ll be there as the driver and Jeff Kelly as the navigator, though I might reverse that, if I can at the event.

  • Gary –
    I don’t see anything in the rules prohibiting that. Matter of fact, last year, I started as navigator and after I incorrectly interpreted two instructions in a row, my wife, who was driving, pulled over and suggested to me that things might go smoother if we swapped jobs…

  • David Brock

    By the way, There is a chance someone might show up who is not a club member. I have posted on the Columbia Miata Club Facebook page. Will one of the club officers please be prepared to sign up an non-members?

  • Tom Varallo

    I will be participating and happy to signup new members, after they pay the exorbitant annual dues of $10.
    Tom Varallo

  • Daryl Shipman

    Unfortunately I will no longer be able to attend because I don’t have a navigator, unless someone else wants to volunteer- Tom Varallo had something come up and he will not be attending.

  • David Brock

    The Photo Scavenger Hunt/Road Rally is in the books. The Winners were Dennis and Karol Mason. Only 1/10 mile behind were Brian and Donna Bogardus. And in 3rd were newcomers, Gary Ly and Jeff Kelly.