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Master’s Miata Photo Scavenger Hunt / Road Rally

The Brocks will once again host a photo scavenger hunt/road rally. The event is be suitable for beginners and experts alike. Any Miata may be entered and is free for members in good standing (have you paid your dues?). Gather at 9:00. Cars will leave the start at 3 minute intervals starting at 9:15. The finish will be about 1-1/2 hours later. The finish will be less than 5 miles from the start. There is no speed or time component to this rally. All traffic laws must be followed. The start location will be Greg’s Gas Plus at South Carolina exit 1 of I-20. – map

Road Rally Instructions

  1. This Road Rally is NOT a race.
  2. Cars shall follow the printed instructions as closely as possible, observing safe, indicated speeds. The emphasis is on SAFETY, accuracy, observation and FUN.
  3. Ask as many questions as you have prior to the race. Do not assume anything.
  4. Drivers must be in possession of a valid driver’s license and vehicles must be legally registered car.
  5. In this event, teams of people in cars follow a set of driving directions to get from the start point of the rally to the Rally Finale. Along the way each team will take digital photographs as instructed.
  6. Each car shall have a team of two (2) people, a driver and a navigator.
  7. Each car will be given only one (1) set of directions.
  8. The following equipment is required: device capable of taking and displaying digital photos, Google Maps.
  9. The following equipment is not required but is recommended: Google, pencil, paper, and clipboard.
  10. The rally vehicles will be sent off one by one at timed intervals. After the group welcome, announcements and any instructions from the Rally Master, the cars will line up and be given a number.
  11. At the start of the rally the first car will be invited to the starting line by the Rally Master. At that point, the car will be given any last minute instructions. Once the car is ready, the Rally Master will give the clue sheet and clearance for the car to start. The next team is then invited to the starting line. That car will be given clearance 3 minutes after the previous car received clearance and the clues will be handed to the navigator. This repeats until all cars have left the starting point.
  12. Upon completion of the course, your photos will be checked for accuracy. Your course completion distance will be recorded.
  13. Always follow the road you have previously been instructed to be on until another instruction directs you to the next road.
  14. You will not be instructed onto any private roads or drives but you may find you need to enter a public or commercial parking lot or entrance for a photo. Otherwise, always stay on public roads.
  15. A road is defined by name. If you are following Elm Street and have not been directed off of it, stay on Elm Street even if it turns at an intersection.
  16. Course instructions:
    • xxxx – find an object. It will be visible from the road.
    • “xxxx”– Find the words (letters, numbers, symbols) in quotes. These will usually be found on a sign but could be on a mailbox, a pole, on the road itself; basically anywhere but they will be meant to last. Temporary signs, bills and the like must be ignored. It will be visible from the road.
    • N,E,S or W – At the next intersection, take the road that travels as closely as possible to the cardinal direction given: north, east, south or west. Continue on that road until directed off of it even if it changes directions.
    • L or R – Turn onto the next available road to the Left or Right.
    • X – An intersection where you can go left, right or straight.
    • T – An intersection where you cannot go straight but must turn right or left.
    • U – Reverse direction. On a divided road, reverse at next opportunity.
  17. Photo instructions:
    • [xxxxx] – Take a photo showing the things in the brackets.
    • Driver or Navigator – photo must show the face of the person.
    • Car – Photo must show substantially the entire car from front to back or side to side and from the bottom of the tires to the top of the windshield or roof (top).
  18. Only roads with government issued street signs count as roads.
  19. Any road with a government issued street sign is a road even if it looks like a park, parking lot or some other feature more than it looks like a road.
  20. Roads marked as private or dead end are not roads.
  21. If a competitor catches up with you, stop and let them pass. Start again once they are well out of sight.
  22. {Off course clue: xxxxx} – If you find this item, you are lost. Go back and try again.

101. “Rusty’s Pizza”
102. [car with pizza]
103. L at X.
Find a sign with the words “Rusty’s Pizza” on it. Take a photo of the car. The photo must also have a pizza. (Feel free to get creative. The rally master may have been thinking of the painting of a pizza found on the Rusty’s Pizza sign but if you use a real pizza or something else and can convince the rally master the photo directions were followed, you will get the points.) Continue on the current road until you reach an intersection. Turn left.

The winners will be the driver and navigator who get the most photos correct. In the event of a tie, the winners will be decided by the odometer reading closest to the official mileage.

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