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25th Anniversary Drive

On January 30, 1993, at 3:00 in the afternoon, a small group of people met at the Gibbs Memorial Library in Evans, Georgia. There were twelve people present, all from different walks of life: different ages, different lifestyles and different tastes. The one thing they had in common was a love for their Miatas.

Please respond to this email, or post a comment on the website, to indicate that you will participate or not.

For those not wishing to take the scenic, back road route, you may just meet us at the Mercer House Estate Winery, at 397 Walter Road, Lexington, SC, (803-957-7102), at approximately 1200 PM (AKA, noon.)

Here’s the itinerary:
0900 – Breakfast at LaDolce Bakery at 967 Doughery Road, Aiken
1030 – Leave LaDolce, drive to Johnston, SC, via Rt 19 & 191 – about 30 minutes, 22 miles
1100 – Mercy (potty) Break in Johnston
1115 – Leave Johnston, drive to Mercer House Estate Winery, vis Rt 23, 178, 378 – about 44 minutes, 33 miles
1200 – Arrive Mercer House Estate Winery
1400 – Leave Winery, drive to Shealy’s BBQ in Leesville, SC via Rt 1 – about 16 minutes, 12 miles
1415 – Late Lunch/Early Supper at Shealy’s BBQ, Leesville, SC
1530 – Leave Shealy’s, drive to New Holland via Rt 1, 391, 39, 267 – about 24 minutes, 18 miles
1600 – Mercy (Potty) Break in New Holland
1615 – Leave New Holland, drive to Aiken via New Holland Road, Rt 29, Cooks’ Bridge Road, Wire Road – about 23 minutes, 18 miles
1645 – Arrive in Aiken

Hope to see you on the 17th.
Event Coordinators: Tom Varallo 803-640-2406

12 comments to 25th Anniversary Drive

  • Trudy and Hal

    Sounds nice! We really enjoy the drives.

  • René Schmidt

    Sounds like fun. This will be our first Miata club meet-up.

  • Shirley Dyer

    Sounds great. But the date has been changed
    to Thursday February 1, 2018. It will be a great
    celebration. The committee is working on a location for dinner. Not sure about a ride but sound like a great idea.

  • Jennie Hodges

    sounds great to me….count us in

  • Karol Mason

    OK some clarification here – The 25th Anniversary Dinner will be held Thursday 1 Feb – But Don & Kay Boltz proposed doing a drive on the 3rd to celebrate the Anniversary with a drive and wouldn’t it be cool if we could get 25 cars together to do it?
    So the 1 Feb Dinner is going to be at Rae’s Coastal Cafe – 3208 W. Wimbledon Dr. Augusta. It’s a small place that is located in a condominium complex – so don’t think you’re lost when you find yourself driving into a condominium parking lot….

  • Jennie Hodges

    Will not be able to make it to the dinner,but am interested in a drive on Saturday …

  • Tom Varallo

    Hey Karol – count Susan and me in for the dinner, and me in for the drive.

  • Jennie Hodges

    what is the updated plans on the drive? When? Where?…..

  • Tom Varallo

    Fellow MMC Members,

    At our meeting last night, it was decided to reschedule our “25th Anniversary Drive” until our regularly scheduled Saturday breakfast/drive day (February 17th) to allow time for appropriate planning.

    Karol, Shirley, Stacey and I are thinking about a roughly half day event, that might include breakfast in Aiken, a 1 1/2 to 2 hour drive (with appropriate stops) to a winery or other cool place, lunch, and the drive home. 25 cars participating would be awesome, but I’d settle for 25 members.

    I will supply more details as they become available next week.


  • Here is a website with a list of wineries in SC: AT Wineries
    Looks like Newberry & Pelzer are in the mileage range for the drive you are looking at. There is also one in Sparta, GA that fits too. There is one in Lexington, SC for a shorter drive.

  • One man’s breakfast is another man’s almost lunch, so the Bogarduses will be there for the drive.

  • Jennie Hodges

    A red 2004 with 2 inside will be going…see you then!