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25th Anniversary Dinner

Hello All!

At the last planning meeting it was decided that the 25th Anniversary Dinner would be held on Thursday 1 February – So I have scheduled it to be held at Rae’s Coastal Cafe.  I’m sorry it took me so long to let everyone know.  I have been looking for a private room.  As it turns out not very many places have one, in a restaurant that is reasonably priced.

As it turns out we don’t have a private room but we have a separate area (that is not closed off).  Rae’s Coastal Cafe is located at 3208 W. Wimbledon Dr. in Augusta.  It’s off Walton Way and is located in a Condominium Complex – So don’t think you’re lost when you find yourself in a condominium parking lot – keep on.

It’s a little gem of a place that has a good variety of food (with a Caribbean flair) with some higher end dishes and some a little more affordable but all are very good!

They will prepare some larger tables for us, we can select anything on the menu, we can be individually billed and there is no automatic gratuity – so tip your waiters well if they provide good service.  😉

Go here to see the menu  http://www.raescoastalcafe.com

Last, I’ve reserved for 30 people – but if we aren’t going to have that many present (I realize it is Thursday night), PLEASE RSVP by Tuesday (Jan 30th), at 5:00 so I can give the manager a closer count – so he doesn’t have to have more servers on staff that night if it’s not necessary.

Please RSVP to my personal phone – you can call or text at 706-631-0532.

Thanks so much and hope to see you there!!     Karol

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