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Will the Corvair Kill You?

The Corvair is sadly best known for the chapter dedicated to it in Ralph Nader’s pearl-clutching automotive safety tome Unsafe At Any Speed. Nader criticized the rear-wheel drive compact harshly, calling it a “one-car accident.” So, Hagerty’s Larry Webster set out to try to roll one on its roof. Did he die? Nope. It even looks like he had fun.

2 comments to Will the Corvair Kill You?

  • Don Nesbitt

    My dad and his brother both had Corvairs – actually the “hot” version know as the Corsa. 50 years later he still talks fondly of that car. My uncle remembers it as the best snow car of the time. They are both here to talk about how much they liked their cars so I’m assuming they must have been pretty safe or my dad and his uncle were lucky…

    Happy Friday!

  • Rita Garner

    In the late 60’s my dad and two of my brothers each had a Coevair. Red, white, and blue. Loved those cars and they too survived!