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Fall Color Tour Wrap

Members Attending: Rita & Larry Garner, Trudy & Hal Scott and Donna & Brian Bogardus
Guest Attending: Matthew, AKA Wingman0

For a while I thought the title of this post was going to be “Fall Foggy Tour Wrap” because for the first two hours of driving we were traveling through fog, sometimes with slow-the-heck-down density. When we met up with our guest from Elberton he said it was pretty foggy for his whole trip from Dahlonega too.

For a while I thought the title of this post was going to be “Fall Failure to Find Color Tour Wrap” because the further north we went the fog disappeared and when the trees became visible they were green or already had dropped most of their leaves.

Finally, once we got onto the two lane GA246 just north of Dillard to make our way to Highlands did the colors appear. And. They. Were. Worth. The. Wait. This 14 mile stretch of road came through with large concentrations of hardwoods with blazing yellow, orange and (some) red leaves. It also got very twisty turning mild mannered Dr. Bruce Banner Brian into the Incredible Hulk Miata Driver. As a passing lane appeared on the first climb, he dropped down a gear and started weaving in and out of the trio of “performance” SUV’s to get a clear run at the road. He was followed quickly by Matthew who was right behind him. The 2 other cars were a little further back and didn’t get a chance to get by.

We regrouped just outside of town and drove into Highlands together to find parking and lunch. Brian who thought he knew where he was going promptly drove the group into the police station parking lot. In the ensuing fray for parking we lost the Scotts, but were happily reunited at the Sports Page Sandwich Shoppe. In a town full of folks drinking $50 bottles of wine with lunch, it is always a pleasure to dine with the locals on sandwiches, soups and sides and come away for about ten bucks each.

After lunch, the group broke up, the Scotts opted to find their own way home to Augusta and our guest did the same to Dahlonega. The Garners and Bogarduses agreed to meet back at the cars after some shopping in 45 minutes to drive back together. On the ride down the mountain, if anything, the colors were even better than on the way up.

The two of us gassed up in Walhalla for the long and ugly return trip along the dilapitated South Carolina back roads. At one last pit stop in McCormmick, the ugly gray clouds ahead, and Larry’s quick check of the radar, led us both to raise the tops for the last 40 miles home. Next year we are going up in Georgia and coming back through there too.

2 comments to Fall Color Tour Wrap

  • Trudy

    And it was fun!

  • Larry Garner

    For those that didn’t go along, you really missed a fun and colorful outing. The temp varied quite a bit as it was probably in the mid to upper 60’s (nice) along our route and then back into the lower 80’s closer to home. We practically had Cracker Barrel all to ourselves that early for b’fast. I agree with Brian’s assessment of the $50 bottle of wine and add the $5 bottle of water, $10 ice-cream cone and some interesting store’s – one that sold varieties of mustard. We also noted the Ferrari and the Maserati SUV, and the Porsche group parading thru town and I didn’t see any of the convertibles with the top down (??). The Highlands is an interesting place, with interesting people. I only saw one other Miata, not in our group. Thanks to Brian for the planning and lead. I took two pictures, here’s one.