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Club Fall Picnic Wrap

Mmembers Attending: Bob & Pat Tarrant, Stacey Timmerman, Mike & Shirely Dyer, Dave & Sue Woomer, Brian & Donna Bogardus and Chip Cunnigham.
Guest Attending: Danty & Nita Busbee

I don’t know what the rest of you were doing on Saturday afternoon, but a dozen of your fellow members (& a couple of guests) enjoyed an afternoon of dining and chatting overlooking a peaceful lake tucked in a quiet little corner of Aiken. Some brought things to grill while others picked up a lunch from a local restaurants. There were chips for an appetizer and a couple of desserts that were worth their weight in calories.

Let me know what you did that might have topped that, in the comments below.

3 comments to Club Fall Picnic Wrap

  • Bobby T

    We sure had a good time – thanks for posting the pictures – let’s do it again next year – count on it.

  • Rolf Wilms

    Well, my internal calendar is off. I thought the event was next weekend. My son and I drove up to Greenville to visit the LKQ self service car yard. They had a 93LE and two 2003’s (NB) that we were lucky enough to get some parts from. Especially the LE since those are fairly rare to find junked.

    All that to say, I will pay more attention next year as I was looking forward to the event!

  • Jennie Hodges

    I processed 2 bushels of apples to make 35 half pints and 8 pints of apple butter, and 2 gallons of apple cider. My husband could not be in the sun due to a skin treatment on his face, so had to pass on the picnic.