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2017 Bug Splat Wrap Up

Members Attending: Don & Kay Boltz, Brian & Donna Bogardus, Jennie & Thomas Hodges, Doug Martins, Trudy & Hal Scott, and Bob & Pat Tarrant.

We had a group of six cars (about half of last year’s attendees) gathered at Greg’s Gas Plus in diminishing light of Saturday’s dusk. While the dozen of us (actually 11) stood a waiting for the 8:00 PM start time we did the usual chatting and standing around, all the while wondering who else was going to show. Turned out this was it, so our little caravan of insect assassins headed north in search of prey.

This year’s weather was a lot nicer than last, no rain for one, but both the temperature and humidity were below there usual high levels for this time of the year, making for a very pleasant evening drive in the country. Another thing nicer this year was while driving you could occasionally see bugs illuminated in your headlights. The 40 miles loop passed quickly and uneventfully for our little group.

Judging took place under the lighted canopy of the North Augusta Sonic Drive In while the group feasted on sundaes, shakes and even hot dogs and onion rings. Below is the rouges gallery of this year’s winners.

Participants, don’t forget to remove that green Avery dot off your car. Took me until this morning to remember mine and I daily drive the Miata, plus the thing was on my windshield!

Bread Basket Breakfast Briefing

photo montage by Victor Yu

Members Attending: Donna & Brian Bogardus, Tom Varallo, Karl Splan, Doug Martin & Victor Yu
Ex-members Attending: David Schumacher

Victor had a family obligation so he couldn’t get to the start point in time to make the drive to Blackville with the group, but promised to meet us there. As it turned out, because of the usual Miata gathering start time creep, when the five us were approaching the the last turn to get to Miller’s Breadbasket, Victor, who was coming from an entirely different direction, popped into view.

Breakfast at Miller’s is a new thing and the 2 times that Donna and I have eaten there, there have only been a couple other people there with us, so we weren’t too sure how long they were going to keep doing it. But this visit, possibly because we were there a little bit later in the day, there was a decent crowd eating breakfast.

Breakfast there, like the lunch, is served cafeteria style, grab a tray point at the food and someone serves it up for you. The wild card is a 3-egg omelet, it is cooked to order and brought to your table. The trouble with this is you have to wait a bit for it to show up, meaning you are looking at your accompaniments on your plate already and trying not to eat them.

After finishing eating we sat around and chatted so long (Miata gathering finish time creep) that Victor had to duck out and leave ahead of the rest of the group to wrap up that familial obligation. Karl doubled back to Springfield to check something out he was interested in. David went his own way too, leaving Brian to lead Tom and Doug back to Aiken on a different, but shorter route, back to Aiken.

Sideways & Smiling

Another Miata related Blipshift T-shirt. You have until midnight on Thursday (8/17/17) to get one, so get out your charge card and click HERE!

The Invisible Man Disassembles A Miata Engine

You can stop watching at the 2:00 minute mark, the rest is an ad for a How a Car Works video for aspiring mechanics buy tearing down a car and putting it back together. Of course they do use a Miata as the car so it might be worth the $20 to preorder it.

As a bonus for tuning in, here is one of a Triumph engine being disassembled…and going back together:

3 August 2017 Meeting Minutes

When: August 3rd, 2017

Where: Pot Smoker BBQ, North Augusta

Who: Brian and Donna Bogardus, Don and Kay Boltz, John and Teri Bozzerello, David and Ellie Brock, Mike and Shirley Dyer, Larry Garner, Dennis and Karol Mason, Don and Cheri Nesbitt, Daryl Shipman and Sherry Moore, Hal and Trudy Scott, Bob and Pat Tarrant, Stacey Timmerman, Tom Varello, and Dave and Sue Woomer.

Thanks to Tom Varallo and Daryl Shipman for planning tonight’s dinner location. We managed to scoop up most of the tables but left the booths (mostly). Pot Smoker had wonderful food and friendly service. Highly recommend to try it if you weren’t able to make it to the two meetings we’ve had there.

Treasurer’s Report: Started at $1585.74, added $60 in dues payments, deducted $208.87 in a check to Brian Bogardus for Masters Miata stickers . Balance = $1436.87.
• A motion was made, and approved to spend up to $200.00 for meats for the Christmas Party.

• See Larry or Tom for “Noticed your Miata” cards; to give to people who own Miata’s that may be interested in joining.
• See Dennis for name-tags……
• Club merchandise available: Pins are $3 each; “Support Vehicle” car magnets $25 per pair, canvas tote/shopping bag $20 each. The 3” window stickers are available, these are the ones that go on the outside. The cling ones for the inside of the glass are also newly available.
Coffee mugs and other items are available from http://www.cafepress.com/masters_miata
Communigraphics in North Augusta has our logo, for $8 you can have it embroidered on just about anything.

Club Business:

    • Monday August 21st is the Total Eclipse of the sun. Larry Garner looked for places in Columbia, SC since that’s how close we are to the area of totality.  Don Boltz’ Mom has a house and property in Lexington, SC.  She has graciously allowed our folks to observe the eclipse from her house.  There is plenty of room for parking and picnicking.  But she requests no one enter the house – this means bathroom about a block away at Burger King.  So bring your chairs, umbrellas, drinks, lunch, camera’s, special eclipse glasses, etc.  Enjoy!  But leave it as clean as you found it please!   Eclipse glasses can be picked up at Walgreens for free.  Larry advises not waiting until noon to leave, I-20 will be packed, back roads are the better option.
    • Bug Splat scheduled for August 26th! Don’t miss it……Bugs tremble!  Details on the website calendar.
    • Please RSVP to Shirley Dyer if you plan on attending the 7 September Dinner Meeting at Boll Weevil.
    • As mentioned above, the new “inside the glass” cling club stickers are now available, one per car is free, so those of you that didn’t attend tonight’s meeting be sure to get yours soon.
    • At the Scavenger Hunt/Road Rally we added 3 new member teams. Glenn and Julie Stephens from Alpharetta, Patrick and Jeanne Cumby from Ashville, and Travis Layson from Lexington, brought his daughter Josie as his navigator.  Welcome to the club everyone!  Please visit the website for exciting new events.   😉
    • Thanks to David and Ellie Brock for planning and executing the Scavenger Hunt/Road Rally. It was challenging, sometimes frustrating, but all-in-all good fun!  (to our knowledge no divorces occurred from it)
    • There are still some Zoom-Zoom bags being held for members (as of June) who have not received theirs, please see Tom or Shirley Dyer to claim yours.
    • Rudy and Patty have reserved the Clubhouse at Brookstone for the Christmas Party on December 9th. The Rental charge is $50 and as mentioned above: meat (Ham & Turkey), will be purchased by the club.  A pot luck style dinner is planned and sign-up sheets for other dishes will be circulated soon.  More planning to come…..
    • Also, planning has not yet begun for the Club 25th Anniversary Celebration scheduled for February 3rd.

New Business/Upcoming calendar events:


TBD Dinner Meeting and ‘get together’ with the Corvette Club Stacey Timmerman & Tom Varello
19 August Breakfast – Miller’s Bread Basket – Blackville, SC Brian & Donna Bogardus
21 August Total Eclipse of the Sun at approx. 2:25 pm, anyone interested can drive to Don’s Moms house in Lexington, SC 

More info on the website

Larry Garner/Don & Kay Boltz
26 August Bug Splat Drive  See website for more info Brian & Donna Bogardus
7 September Dinner Meeting – Boll Weevil (Please RSVP to Shirley!) Shirley Dyer
16 September Breakfast – TBD Annie Wilms
16-17 September Wanna Go Fast – Clayton, GA (Heavens Landing) More info
5 October Dinner – *Change* Variety can’t do it on Thursday so we’re going to Old McDonalds Fish Camp Bob Tarrant
19-22 October Miata’s at “Back of the Dragon” (Miata Club from Marion VA) CountryRoadsMiatas.com
21 October 10th Annual Wine Fest, Augusta See Rita Garner for details
21 October Lunch picnic – The Outing Club, Aiken Bob Tarrant
2 November Dinner Meeting – TBD Dave & Sue Woomer
3-5 November Leaf Peeping  – Deals Gap Brian & Donna Bogardus
18 November Breakfast – TBD Daryl Shipman & Sherry Moore
9 December Club Christmas party – Brookstone Clubhouse Karol Mason/Patti Wilmoth/Rita Garner
3 February 2018 Masters Miata Club 25th Anniversary – TBD Karol Mason/Rita Garner