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Total Eclipse of the Sun

Where: Don Boltz Moms’ House (1400 West Main Street, Lexington, SC 29072) – map

Watch your timing, as traffic may be heavy, especially closer to time and center of totality. We plan to be there around noon, grab lunch and set up in the yard. Bring a folding chair, or blanket and a cooler with drinks and maybe a snack, a camera if you want to capture your own pictures; but I’m sure there will be plenty on the Internet.

There will be no facilities available, so go before you get there. There is a Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, two drug-stores and a convenience store – all within a short walk.

Directions Via I-20 toward Columbia:
From Exit 5 in North Augusta, it’s 51-miles with 51-min drive time
On I-20, take Exit 51, turn left on Longs Pond Road, you’ll cross Two Notch Road
When you cross the Railroad tracks, turn right on Barr Road
Barr Road will T at West Main with a traffic light; you’ll be looking at the location
With a green light, go straight across into the yard
There are pine trees for shading and plenty of open yard

Alternate Directions, avoiding I-20:
Take Aiken/Augusta Highway thru Aiken – it’s 60-miles, 1 hr, 20-min drive from Gregg’s Plus just across the state line on Gordon Highway
Just thru downtown Aiken, turn left onto Highway 1, from there it’s 45-miles with a 58-min drive time
Look for Barr road on the right at the intersection with traffic lights
Look for the location on the left at the intersection
There is no turn arrow or turn-lane into the yard

Partial begins at 1:12.37 PM
Total begins at 2:41.22 PM
Total for 2 min 30 sec
Total ends at 2:43.58 PM
Partial ends at 4:06 PM

To view the partial safely and sensibly, you must have protective glasses (NOT sunglasses); you can order them many places, Google it; but get them soon. You can view the total (all 2 minutes 30 seconds of it) without protective glasses, or you can use sunglasses.

Event Coordinators: Larry Garner & Don Boltz

9 comments to Total Eclipse of the Sun

  • Don

    Looking forward to this event. One thing not mentioned, bring insect repellent (obvious I think)
    I will be there early and will position at the driveway. Also my cell # 803-474-0713 just in case.

  • Tom Varallo

    Aiken Ophthalmology has viewing glasses (that look like the old 3-D movie glasses) for $2 each. I suspect that other Ophthalmologists and Opticians also have something similar.

  • Donna & I got ours over at USCA at the Planetarium/Observatory for $2 as well. Maybe the same glasses?

  • Don

    Aiken opthalmology in N. Augusta also has the glasses. Same as Ruth Patrick Science center.
    There have been several occurrences of non-complying glasses ordered on the internet. The prices are cheap, but the glasses from the local suppliers are not out of line. $2.00 /glass. Protect your eyes.

  • Larry Garner

    Saw a display in a Lowe’s store tonight with the paper glasses for $1.98 and the nicer ones (I wouldn’t) for $15. I found some almost like those for $2.50 on eBay.

  • Don

    Couple of more things concerning eclipse. I previously mentioned bug spray. I have been informed not to use skin so soft, apparently it attracts bees, again this should not be a factor, but forewarned is forearmed.
    A bathroom will be available. A tv to counter boredom, no cable, just local channels

  • Mike & Shirley Dyer

    Thank you Don and Family and Larry ! See you there !

  • Don

    Here is another update.
    There will be at least one grill available for anyone wishing to grill.

  • Mike & Shirley Dyer

    Sounds like a fantastic Tailgating Party
    to me – we will not miss it – Thank you
    again !!