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Trenton Peach Parade

Top image from Tom Varallo, bottom one from Brian Bogardus

Members Attending: Brian & Donna Bogardus, Don & Kay Boltz, Hal & Trudy Scott, Daryl Shipman & Sherry Moore, Stacy & Cindy Timmerman, Tom Varallo and Victor Yu

Yesterday was the MMC’s annual trip to the Twin Lakes airport for breakfast before heading over to Trenton, SC to drive in the Peach Festival Parade. There were 8 Miata lined up in front of the Restaurant but only 6 drove the parade. The Boltzes were along for the drive, but had other obligations, so they couldn’t stay. And one random Miata who is a local who eats at the Airport Grill nearly every Saturday, and I think we’ve seen him there almost every time we eat there too.

The parade participation seemed kind of light, but it was probably because they were calling for rain all week and it scared away a few groups, but because of it we had a beautiful and a slightly quick parade drive. The crowds along the route seemed down too, but Donna and I still ran out of candy to toss for the last 50 yards…

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