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An Endless Family Adventure

Enough about watches, this week we fall back to an old stand-by, a Petrolicious video. We are in France, so click on the the CC button to get the captions or not, sometimes the pictures and a voice used with automotive passion is just right.

Not A Car Video

Something different this week from the usual drive-in post, instead of a guy talking about cars, here is a guy talking about watches. It is not totally unrelated to the automobile though, because Ted Gushue is the Editorial Director of the place I get a lot of the videos from, Petrolicious.

May Dinner Meeting Minutes

When: May 4th, 2017

Where: Mi Rancho, Downtown Augusta

Who: Don and Kay Boltz, Mike and Shirley Dyer, Larry and Rita Garner, Dennis and Karol Mason, Daryl Shipman and Sherry Moore, Stacey and Cindy Timmerman, Tom Varallo, and Ralf and Annie Wilms.

Thanks to Dennis Mason for planning tonights Dinner Meeting. Mi Rancho was the perfect location for a Cinco de Mayo (okay Quattro de Mayo) dinner meeting (since no Star Wars themed restaurant was available – May the fourth be with you!) The food was good and so was the service once they got all the orders correct.

Treasurer’s Report: Started at $1540.74, added $20 in dues, and $60 in MMC pin purchases (Shirley & Mike purchased to give to Blueridge Miata Club members). End balance=$1620.74 Not deducted yet is a check for Ms. Wylds’ flowers that Mike has (and planned to send on Friday the 5th) to John Haff.
• We are down to about 10 pins left, so a motion was made, and approved to spend about $300 to buy more pins.
• Static Cling stickers are being made and $200 was approved to purchase them.
• Sherry Shipman told us that Ms. Anita Wylds, who is a Master’s Miata founding member, is still in serious condition and was released from the burn unit at Doctors Hospital. She went back in for surgery this week as they try to save her right arm. I understand they have attached her arm to her torso to try to get some good circulation going. Thanks to John Haff for ordering the flowers. She sent such a nice thank you e-mail.

• Tom has some business cards with the club website; to give to people who own Miata’s that may be interested in joining. See Tom if you would like some.
• See Dennis for name-tags…..
• Club merchandise available: Pins are $3 each; “Support Vehicle” car magnets $25 per pair, canvas tote/shopping bag $20 each. The 3” window stickers are available, these are the ones that go on the outside. The cling ones being made are for the inside of the glass.
Coffee mugs and other items are available from http://www.cafepress.com/masters_miata
Communigraphics in North Augusta has our logo, for $8 you can have it embroidered on just about anything.

Club Business:
• Six cars (Brian & Donna Bogardus, Dennis & Karol Mason, Hal & Trudy Scott, Daryl Shipman, Stacey Timmerman, and Tom Varallo) showed up to do Parade Laps at Carolina Motor Sports on 6 May, hosted by John Haff. It was a wonderful time! We did about 5 laps this time. We were told last year they went faster, but we were escorted this year by reps from the track, not John. 😉
• Shirley told us about the trip she and Mike took with the Blueridge Miata Club to the outer banks of N. Carolina and Virginia. They were gone a week and stayed in a different hotel each night, it was a bit hectic but they traveled some beautiful country and roads. They recommend the trip to anyone. But as you can imagine there is a lot of planning to be done. The Blueridge Miata Club only meets a couple times a year and they do a big trip like this. Next year they are planning a trip through the Smokey Mountains. Shirley says they all loved the Masters Miata Club pins she took and gave to them.
• Shirley also said Blueridge Miata’s told her about a Zoom-Zoom box that we can request, but need to do some paperwork and request it for an event (that will likely have wide exposure). Shirley asked if we wanted to apply and said she would do the paperwork, but asked what event we wanted to request it for. The members present suggested the Ridge Peach Parade.
• There was discussion about a “Back of the Dragon” trip being planned October 19-21st. But I didn’t write down who is planning it (Someone please remind me?!)

New Business/Upcoming calendar events:

20 May Breakfast – TBD Victor Yu
31 May – 4 June Zoomin’ in the Mountains of E. Tennessee ZTMOET  or Facebook Tri-Cities Miata
1 June Dinner meeting – TBD Karol Mason
17 June Breakfast at Airport Grill, N. Augusta and drive to participate in the Trenton Peach Parade Stacey Timmerman
6 July No Dinner Meeting!  
15 July Breakfast – TBD Larry & Rita Garner
3 August Dinner Meeting and ‘get together’ with the Corvette Club Daryl Shipman & Tom Varello
19 August Breakfast – Sunrise Grill, North Augusta Tom Varello
21 August Total Eclipse of the Sun at approx. 2:25 pm, anyone interested will meet for a drive to Columbia, SC More info to come…. Larry Garner
TBD some Saturday in September ‘Gimmic (style) Rally’ – TBD David Brock (Sorry David, Brian told me he thinks it was you that is planning this)
7 September Dinner Meeting – TBD Shirley Dyer
16 September Breakfast – TBD Annie Wilms
16-17 September Wanna Go Fast – N. GA MountainsMore info  
5 October Dinner – Variety, Aiken  
21 October Lunch picnic – Private Club Bob Tarrant
2 November Dinner Meeting – TBD Dave & Sue Woomer
3-5 November Leaf Peeping  – Deals Gap Brian & Donna Bogardus
18 November Breakfast – TBD Daryl Shipman & Sherry Moore
TBD December Club Christmas party Karol Mason/Patti Wilmoth/Rita Garner
3 February 2018 Masters Miata Club 25th Anniversary – TBD Karol Mason/Rita Garner


8mm Projector

Dennis is looking for a 8mm or Super 8 mm projector to view some of his parents old home movies. He would like to borrow it only long enough to determine if the films are in decent condition and worth converting to digital.

If anyone has one we could borrow we promise to take good care of it and will get it back to you quickly!

Please contact Dennis at
Thank you!!