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Alternative Plan for Zooming Weekend

Here is my alternative plan to doing the Zooming event on June 1 thru 3. As much as I would like to do the Bristol Motors event again, I could not justify spending 2 nights in a motel for a one day event in Johnson City (area), and then spending 2 nights in a motel for a one day event in Petersburg, VA. So this is what I plan to do. If any would like to caravan with me just let me know. Since at this point I am going alone, my plans are loose, but if others are going to join in, then we need to firm things up a bit.

Rather than go north on Wednesday, which would be necessary to be fully involved in the Thursday event at Johnson City, wait until Thursday to leave. Check weather in the morning to verify good visibility and high ceilings in the mountains. If okay, leave around 9:00 am and drive north on 19 and 25 to intersect the Blue Ridge Parkway. Spend the remaining day driving the Parkway to Roanoke, VA. Spend the night in Roanoke, lodgings not yet determined. Leave on Friday morning for Petersburg. Spend Friday night and Saturday night in Petersburg. Attend the Moss Motofest on Saturday. Have verified that there is no need to register or pay for attending this event provided you are not showing a vehicle. Drive home Sunday. About a 400+ mile drive but almost all freeway.

If the weather does not cooperate, hold off on leaving for Petersburg until Friday and not attempt the mountains. Still considering alternate plan to the alternate plan if the weather is not super for a mountain drive.

So, if anyone is interested, let me know.

Karl Splan

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  • LG

    We’d go if we didn’t have other plans. I agree about Zommin this year; we’ve really enjoyed it in the past but it’s too much driving this year for us.