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Driving All 4 Generations Of Miatas?

Back in February, Larry Garner sent me a link to a video about a couple of fellows driving all four generations of Miatas back to back and comparing them. I put it up on the site in March. In April, Karl Splan and I got to talking and he said that he found the video interesting. His introduction to the Miata was through the NC and always wondered what the other generations were like. This got us thinking, could we recreate something like this with the Club? Sounded like my sort of hare-brained idea.

So, I’d like to propose a Club event that would hopefully bring together at least one of every generation Miata that would be available to let other Club members drive, so they can get a little feel of the 25+ years of Miata evolution. I imagine a mid-morning Saturday meet-up, two to three hours of driving followed by lunch and story telling. I have tentatively mapped out a 15 mile loop that includes several different types of roads and should take approximately 30 minutes to drive. The start area is off Exit 5 in North Augusta and is convenient to several restaurant choices (loop map). There are four upcoming open Saturdays that might work, May 13 & 27 and June 10 & 24.

The basic rules would be:

  1. The owner of the car can be the passenger on the drive or in a car following their car (if they so desire.)
  2. If something goes wrong
    • through the stupidity of the driver, they break it, they buy it.
    • through no fault of the driver, well, crap happens.

The owner may add additional rules as they see fit.

If you are interested in participating, leave a comment below including:

  1. generation of your car (NA, NB, NC or ND) you are willing to let people drive.
  2. generation of the car(s) you would like to drive.
  3. Saturdays you might be available.

12 comments to Driving All 4 Generations Of Miatas?

  • OK, I’ll start.

    1. 2002 NB w/suspension mods
    2. None really, maybe a hard top NC for grins
    3. Any of the days.


  • Thanks Brian for following up on this idea.

    1. 2007 NC HT automatic w/paddles stock
    2. Would enjoy driving an A,B or D.
    3. Any date. Earlier might be best with optional rain date.

  • Don Nesbitt

    1. 2016 ND
    2. Any
    3. Maybe later in the year as we are out of town all of those weekends…

    Too stupid to post pic


  • LG

    Not available on June 10th, but so far will be on the other dates. At this time, we have a ’97 NA, 5-speed, with a few non-performance mods and the new-to-us NC1 PRHT with 6-speed auto. Would be happy to allow anyone that wants to drive either. Believe me, they are completely different driving Miata’s.

  • Jennie Hodges

    The one fault of the video. In my opinion, is that there was one class not represented…the NB turbo, Mazdaspeed.

  • Well, it looks like we have 4 people interested and all 4 generations represented, but no acceptable date…yet.

    Don – pick a couple dates you could bring the ND around and we’ll see if the other three and make any of those.

  • Tom Varallo

    I can make the June 24th date, and can supply a 1997 NA, and 1999 NB, both with no performance mods. I’d like to drive an NC and ND.

    Jennie or Rudy – If either of you can bring your Mazdaspeed, I’d like to drive either one of them.


  • Tom Varallo

    I forgot to mention that the NA is a 5-speed manual, and the NB is a 6-speed manual.

  • Jennie Hodges

    2004–NB Mazdaspeed, 6 speed, No mods.
    Cold possibly make it May 27 or June 24. Don’t really care to drive another car as I am spoiled with mine, but would let Tom V drive mine, with me in it!

  • Shirley Dyer

    NO thank you !

  • Well, as it turns out, Mr. Varallo has purchased a PRHT NC, so now he has 3 of the 4 generations himself. If we could just get him to buy an ND version we’d be all set and he could rent out a test track for us and the whole club could try out one from every generation. 🙂

  • Tom Varallo

    My chiropractor in Columbia finally sold me his 2007 PRHT Grand Touring 6 speed manual. So, as Brian says, I now have NA, NB, and NC versions, all of which are available for anyone to drive. Larry is absolutely correct about the NA, NB, and NC versions being completely different cars to drive. Thanks to Jennie for her offer to let me drive her Mazdaspeed, especially with her in it – watch out Thomas!

    June 24th is still OK with me, I just need to know which car(s) to bring.