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Driving All 4 Generations Of Miatas?

Back in February, Larry Garner sent me a link to a video about a couple of fellows driving all four generations of Miatas back to back and comparing them. I put it up on the site in March. In April, Karl Splan and I got to talking and he said that he found the video interesting. His introduction to the Miata was through the NC and always wondered what the other generations were like. This got us thinking, could we recreate something like this with the Club? Sounded like my sort of hare-brained idea.

So, I’d like to propose a Club event that would hopefully bring together at least one of every generation Miata that would be available to let other Club members drive, so they can get a little feel of the 25+ years of Miata evolution. I imagine a mid-morning Saturday meet-up, two to three hours of driving followed by lunch and story telling. I have tentatively mapped out a 15 mile loop that includes several different types of roads and should take approximately 30 minutes to drive. The start area is off Exit 5 in North Augusta and is convenient to several restaurant choices (loop map). There are four upcoming open Saturdays that might work, May 13 & 27 and June 10 & 24.

The basic rules would be:

  1. The owner of the car can be the passenger on the drive or in a car following their car (if they so desire.)
  2. If something goes wrong
    • through the stupidity of the driver, they break it, they buy it.
    • through no fault of the driver, well, crap happens.

The owner may add additional rules as they see fit.

If you are interested in participating, leave a comment below including:

  1. generation of your car (NA, NB, NC or ND) you are willing to let people drive.
  2. generation of the car(s) you would like to drive.
  3. Saturdays you might be available.

Cruise-In / Power Cruise



Picked up this flyer at the Cruise-In at Hooters last Saturday in case anyone is interested. It is this weekend in the Kiokee Baptist Church, 5701 White Oak Rd, Appling, Georgia 30802

The Pao

It Isn’t A Sports car, Exotic, Or Pedigree Rich Racer, It’s Just Different. This week we squeeze into an unusual Japanese car: a 1989 Nissan Pao. The smitten owner of this adorable compact city car, Godis Sanchez, tells us what it was about the pastel teal retro-mobile that lured him.

Editor Note:
I have always had a soft spot for weird Japanese cars and while this car is so cute it is cool, I really love a Figaro which literally looks like it was snatched from a kids comic book and brought to life. When I saw this Petrolicious video I rekindled my desire to visit Japan Direct Motors. This time instead of email, I called. I didn’t get the owner (he was on vacation) but did speak to one of his sales guys who promised to pass along my request to him when he gets back. The owner in this video mentions how rare and special his poa is and while it may be special, it can’t be too rare as Japan Direct Motors has not only one, but two for sale (and a real live Figaro too.)

Wanna Go Fast

Wanna Go Fast GEORGIA 1/2 Mile Shoot Out

This incredible 2-DAY event will be held at the Prestigious Heaven’s Landing Airport in Clayton, Ga. Come join us for 2 FULL DAYS of, side-by-side, HALF MILE racing at this rare and exclusive location. All of our participants will be given a chance to take their vehicle’s Top Speed down Heavens Landing’s private 5069 ft runway and race door-to-door against the competitor of their choice!!

Last year Dennis & Carol Mason and Tom Varallo went and said “Wanna Go Fast was a very cool weekend! Mustangs, Corvettes, Vipers, Dodge Hellcats, Lamborghinis, even a Bugatti. But the stars of the show were the many Nissan GTR’s and a couple of suped up Honda Civics.”

They may be planning a return trip – stay tuned.

Zoomin’ the Mountains of East Tennessee

Read all about it: Zoomin The Mountains Of East Tennessee

A fun regional Miata gathering, this one has night time laps of Bristol Motor Speedway as its cherry on top. There have been plenty of rave reviews from fellow Club members and some are planning a return trip. This year there is a twist to the proceedings in that have will be in TN and the second will be in Virginia to go to the Moss Motorfest in Petersburg.