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64° North

I know, you’re saying:
1. “What? Another Porsche 911 video?” Well, just look at those wheels, they scream 2nd gen Miata. That silhouette screams 4th gen Miata RF.
2. “What? Another Iceland video?” Well, didn’t you know that Iceland is the new cool (no pun intended) vacation spot (caution: some NSFW language), round trips from NY for like only $500.
3. “What? Another Petrolicious video? Like literally half the videos you post.” Well, the Movie Suggestion Hotlines are always open, dial 1-800-MX5VIDS or leave a comment below.

Barn Finds Into Secret Supercars

This guy sort of reminds me of Rob Dickinson, the guy behind last week’s Singer 911, passionately obsessed with design, perfection & automobiles. Unfortunately neither you nor I will ever be able to afford either one of their creations, but fun to dream about anyway.


For all you black 1st generation car owners and/or lovers of 1960s TV super hero shows:

Buy One!

You only have until mid-night Sunday, soooo, to the bat/man cave and fire up the internet.

It’s Not So Funny When It’s Your Mother

Jerry Seinfeld drives Bob Einstein to get coffee in a 2016 Acura NSX.

Watch it!

Champagne, Cigars, And Pancake Batter

Jerry Seinfeld drives Christoph Waltz to get coffee in a 1957 BMW 507 Series II Roadster.

Watch it!