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64° North

I know, you’re saying:
1. “What? Another Porsche 911 video?” Well, just look at those wheels, they scream 2nd gen Miata. That silhouette screams 4th gen Miata RF.
2. “What? Another Iceland video?” Well, didn’t you know that Iceland is the new cool (no pun intended) vacation spot (caution: some NSFW language), round trips from NY for like only $500.
3. “What? Another Petrolicious video? Like literally half the videos you post.” Well, the Movie Suggestion Hotlines are always open, dial 1-800-MX5VIDS or leave a comment below.

2 comments to 64° North

  • David

    Any good car video is great, and Petrolicious makes some of the best. I’ll echo Peter’s last comment, “I hope it never stops…”

  • When I first saw David’s comment I thought, “We don’t have any members named Peter…”, then I did a Homer Simpson head slap, “…ohhh, the guy in the video.” 🙂