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64° North

I know, you’re saying:
1. “What? Another Porsche 911 video?” Well, just look at those wheels, they scream 2nd gen Miata. That silhouette screams 4th gen Miata RF.
2. “What? Another Iceland video?” Well, didn’t you know that Iceland is the new cool (no pun intended) vacation spot (caution: some NSFW language), round trips from NY for like only $500.
3. “What? Another Petrolicious video? Like literally half the videos you post.” Well, the Movie Suggestion Hotlines are always open, dial 1-800-MX5VIDS or leave a comment below.

Barn Finds Into Secret Supercars

This guy sort of reminds me of Rob Dickinson, the guy behind last week’s Singer 911, passionately obsessed with design, perfection & automobiles. Unfortunately neither you nor I will ever be able to afford either one of their creations, but fun to dream about anyway.


For all you black 1st generation car owners and/or lovers of 1960s TV super hero shows:

Buy One!

You only have until mid-night Sunday, soooo, to the bat/man cave and fire up the internet.

Miatas, Muffins, McBee, Mcleod, Museum & Big Meats

Where: Ridgecrest Coffee Bar – map

Meet at 8:00 AM for breakfast Muffins (or paninis or biscuits). Not hungry? Then just meet us there at 9:00 AM when we’ll hop in our Miatas for the drive1 to Mcleod Farms Roadside Market near McBee, SC.

Right next to the market is Macs Pride Farm Museum containing over 20 antique automobiles and just as many, if not more, pieces of antique farm tractors and machinery. The place is also stuffed full of farm life, lore and ephemera.

We will wrap up our visit with lunch at Big’s Meats & More (menu).

Event Coordinators: Donna & Brian Bogardus 803-642-0767

1. The drive to our destinations is about 115 miles and should take a little less than 3 hours depending on the time spent at the two leg stretch breaks. It includes about 20 miles of I-20 to get thru the South Carolina’s Capitol City (route). The return trip will be at your discretion.

March Dinner Meeting

Where: The Bradley in Aiken – map

The Bradley is at 231 The Alley (803-226-0567) and you will have to find parking somewhere around the outside of the Alley as they have now totally blocked to auto traffic. menu

Come out and have dinner with some fellow Miata owners. Recap last month’s events, outline the upcoming month’s events and discuss the business of being a car club.

Please RSVP me before February 27th because I need to give the restaurant a head count prior to attending.

Event Coordinators: Mike & Shirley Dyer 803-644-7747

Thanks – and look forward to seeing you all there! Yes, we have been there before – and they look forward to welcoming us again.