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Double Feature

Our 1st feature is about a half a million dollar Singer re-imagined Porsche 911.

The 2nd flick shows part of why these cars cost that much, the work of Ed Pink engine builders.

At What Point Am I Out From Under?

Jerry Seinfeld drives Lewis Black to get coffee in a 1967 Cadillac Eldorado.

Watch it!

January Breakfast Wrap Up

A lonely sight.
Rudy, Patti, Rita and I. That’s our (new to us) GT, PRHT.

Dictators, Comics, And Preachers

Jerry Seinfeld drives Cedric the Entertainer to get coffee in a 1958 Bentley S1 Continental.

Watch it!

Beauty & The Beach

Matt Jacobson is a simple man with specific tastes. He spent years tracking this car down, and we recently sat down with him to hear the full story:

I always loved the car. It’s so elegant, it has this look of an Italian sports car of the era with all the VW underpinnings, and that extra foot, or however little bit longer it is than the regular Karmann Ghia platform. It’s very well-proportioned. The rear end is evocative of a round tail light BMW 2002. And, it has this bubble top roof that sits on very narrow B pillars that make it look like the hard top of a Mercedes 300SL Roadster.

Read the rest of the story on YouTube.