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AMP wire

The AMP wire on my 2010 Miata died this weekend. the dealership quoted a new wire at $1,000. anyone know of a used parts outlet? thanks, Bill

Baby It’s Cold Outside

I know it isn’t officially winter just yet, we’ve got about 10 days to go, but the recent colder temperatures has sure made it feel like it is already. So it got me looking at the Winter 1991 Miata Magazine looking for what I might use for the real 25 Years Ago post coming up.

On the back page of every Miata Magazine since the first one has been an ad for an official Miata Club of America charge card. Pictured on the card was beautiful Mariner Blue car that was just like the car Donna and I owned. I was tempted to get it just for that reason, but never did. There still is an application form right there, I wonder if I filled it out and mailed it in would they approve me?