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Masters Miata Club At The Gap

OK, this past weekend Donna and I were supposed to lead 5 cars up to western North Carolina to enjoy some twisty roads and one really, really twisty one. Well, I’ve got to stop watching the news and reading the news on the internet, because I convinced myself that the Alabama gas pipeline’s second accident, earlier in the week, would cause shortages stranding us in the mountains. So Donna and I didn’t lead a group to NC, we handed them our maps and wished them well.

Of course the shortages never materialized and we probably missed an epic weekend of Miata fun. I sent an email to all the folks who went last night, asking for a few words about the trip, but as of yet I have no replies back so I have no idea of what they did. Well, that’s not exactly true, I know they drove through the famous Deals Gap at around 9:30 AM on Saturday morning. Killboy caught them in the act:


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  • Ed /Shirley Mauney

    On our first run with the MMC as new members, we had a GREAT weekend. As old hands attending the area, we were appointed “lead car”, but did not mind and hope we gave everyone the best. Our first visit to the Tellicp Plains Bakery was so enjoyable and will certainly go back when in the area. We wrapped a great weekend eating at Fat Buddies’ in Franklin with the best bar-b-que in the area.
    It would have been nice to have had more car, but maybe next time.
    Ed & Shirley Mauney

  • Shirley Dyer

    Unbelievable week-end !!! Donna & Brian, we missed you but Ed & Shirley did a magnificent job of leading us on more twisty turney roads than I would ever have thought to exist – Thank you Ed & Shirley. It was an amazing trip and even though I thought it unnecessary to get up so early on Saturday – it proved to be most rewarding Thanks Tom ! We started in the dark but how wonderful to wake up with the mountains. I saw sights that were truly breathtaking. I wish Mike could have enjoyed all the scenery that was provided. Thank you, Lord ! The colors were still there and leaves falling all around us made it almost magical. The food and fun we had was great but the best part was being with our group – truly, we had a great time !
    Shirley Dyer