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Water Bugs

2016 Bug Splat 01

Date: Saturday, August 20, 2016
Time: 8:00 PM
Place: Greg’s Gas Plus
Attending: Brian & Donna Bogardus, Don & Kay Boltz, Terri & John Bozzarello, David & Noel Brock, Shirley & Mike Dyer, Defending Big Bug Champ Karol Mason, Don Nesbitt & Guest, Trudy & Hal Scott, Bob & Pat Tarrant, Annie & Ralf Wilms and Dave & Sue Woomer.

Before the drive at Greg’s there was plenty of chatter among the group and the rally leader had to be prompted by a look at Hal Scott’s smartypants phone’s display of the incoming rain to get everything underway. Everyone who participated would claim that they hit several very large bugs on the first 15 miles of the drive, but unfortunately the light rain through the middle third of the trip that washed them all off the noses of their cars. And the still clean cars at the end were because as everyone knows, bugs all go inside their little bug homes so as not to get wet and then they stay inside for several hours afterwards just in case.

For whatever the reason, there were more Miatas than there were insects splatted tonight, which made judging difficult. I only found 2 cars with actual bug remains and neither was very large, but by using my calibrated eyeballs, I determined that the larger of the two resided on the front bumper of the Boltz’s dark blue NC. Kay was really excited to be the winner until she saw the trophy… Because nobody had anything any where near the dot, the bottle of Bullseye BBQ was awarded to the Tarrants. A pair of insect repellent bracelets were given to the Nesbitts for having the most bugs and a packet of insect stickers was given to the Bozzarellos for having the fewest bugs.

I may have mixed up what those last two prizes were for and who won them, and for that I apologize, my ice cream was melting.

3 comments to Water Bugs

  • Mike

    Brian & Donna, just a note to say thank you for the effort in planning the “Splat” last weekend. I know, having been a Road Captain for the Augusta HOG Group a few years ago. It takes work! Few bugs, and light rain, what more could you ask for?!

    Shirley and I thank you again…

  • Don & Kay

    We had a great time. Can’t wait until the next “winner” relieves us of this magnificent trophy.
    The after ride was a nice social gathering. Glad to see the new members present.

    Don & Kay

  • Don Nesbitt

    Cheri and I really had a great time. We have also been warmly accepted by the group especially my wife who feels at home with the other ladies in the club. We appreciate all of the effort put into the meetings and events.

    Don and Cheri