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Parade Laps at CMP

Where: McDonald’s Exit 22 off I-20 in SC – (map)

We will assemble at the McDonald’s parking lot before 9:00 AM, and will leave PROMPTLY at 9:05 AM, and plan to arrive between 10:30 and 11:00. We will not be taking a “scenic route” to CMP, rather driving straight on I-20 to US 601 to the track.

We will be on the track during “lunchtime”, sometime between 1100 and 1200. There is no cost for entrance or for the laps around the track. Lunch will be available at retail cost from the regular concession stands.

We will need to sign liability waivers before being allowed on the track. No special vehicle equipment, e.g., roll bars/cages, fire extinguishers, no fire suits or helmets will be required for drivers or passengers. We will be staging in the paddock area for the laps, and will be directed there by track staff. Don’t forget to display whatever Club regalia you have, car magnets, logoed shirts/caps, jackets, pins, etc.

PLEASE let me know by noon on Thursday if you are planning to attend – my cell phone number is 803-640-2406 if you want to call or text, or email, or go oldskool and leave message on my home answering machine 803-648-7374.

At present, we have 7 cars planning to attend: Adcock, Boltz, Haff, Mason, Omerod, Scott & Varallo.

Anyone interested in a Miata?

I have a friend who is selling hers – It’s a 2003. It’s white with a black top and black interior. It has 94,000 miles on it and has power windows and door locks, A/C, but no radio – the one in it she wants to keep. She’s asking $5,000.00 or best offer.

Interested?  Contact Karol and I’ll pass her number to you……

Meeting Minutes for May 5th 2016

When: May 5th, 2016

Where: Juniper in Ridge Spring SC

Who, Mike and Shirley Dyer, Dennis and Karol Mason, John and Kathy Ormerod, Hal and Trudy Scott, Karl Splan, Tom Varallo, and Ralf and Ann Wilms.

We all ordered our food then Tom called the meeting to order while we waited for our food to be cooked and delivered. Not a bad turnout but it was raining pretty hard on the drive over so we didn’t expect as many as had RSVP’d. What a delightful dinner. Service and food was excellent. Thanks to Shirley and Mike Dyer for planning this dinner.

Treasurer’s Report: Started at $1581.63. After dues payments of $25.00 and no expenditures, the balance comes to $1606.63.

• See Larry for “Join Us” cards with our website, to give to people who own Miata’s that may be interested in joining.
• See Dennis for name-tags
• New club merchandise is available: Pins are $3 each; “Support Vehicle” car magnets $25 per pair, canvas tote/shopping bag $20 each. Coffee mugs available from http://www.cafepress.com/+masters-miata+mugs
We will have window stickers soon (approx 3”). Communigraphics in North Augusta has our logo, for $8 you can have it embroidered on just about anything.
• 2016 Christmas Party set for Dec 9th at Woodside Plantation Clubhouse. Thanks to Shirley Dyer and John and Kathy Omerod for setting this up. A suggestion has been made for the club to chip in for part of the cost. This was not discussed at this meeting but can be, at a future meeting.
• Reminder that dues for calendar year 2016 become delinquent on June 30th – Thank you for your support!

New Business/Upcoming calendar events:
• Please welcome new member Bill Molnar.
• This meeting was also a planning meeting for the rest of the year. Karol did have a list of previously planned events so we believe we got them all but if we have something wrong please let Karol and Tom know so we can rectify the discrepancy. Thanks much!

The following events have been planned or are anticipated:

DATE                LOCATION                                                  COORDINATORS
14 May              Carolina Motorsports Park – Parade laps – See the website for details!
21 May              Breakfast – TBD                                         Tom Varallo
2 June               Dinner Meeting – TBD                             Karol Mason
9-12 June         Zoomin in the Mountains of TN
18 June             Breakfast and Drive – TBD                      Dennis Mason
7 July                 Dinner – TBD                                             Karl Splan
16 July               Breakfast and Drive – TBD                      Tom Varallo
6 August            Bug Splat                                                     Brian and Donna Borgardus
20 August          Breakfast – TBD                                        Ann & Ralf Wilms

10 Years Ago – May 2006

Time Speed Distance (Trivia) Rally

Date: Saturday, May 20th
Time: 9:00 AM
Place: Sportsman BBQ
Attending: 30 Members and Non-Members alike.

Thanks to all who competed Saturday. Hopefully you are all recuperated, had a good time, and are still speaking to one another! Here are some facts we think you might find of interest:
Of the 15 teams that competed, 6 actually officially completed the course. One team was MIA hopefully they made it home safe and sound and not still circling Aiken? Edgefield County?

There were 171 total points available. Here are the scores of the official competitors:
1) Bogardus – 134
2) Rushton – 89
3) Gray/Powell – 85*
4) Wilmoth/Letizia – 73*
5) Breitinger – 58*
6) Greathouse/May – 44*
*After a deduction of the 5 point penalty for late arrival

If run perfectly the course was by leg:
Time: 59, 98 & 157 min. total time
Distance 39.3, 74.9 & 114.2 miles total distance – some teams drove over 100 miles on leg 1.
Checkpoint came at 29 min, 23 seconds in.

Most frequently missed questions:
Count the Ponds–10 was correct
Pictures of chimney sweep and windmills=Connamara (we won’t be doing this again)
How long is the fence? 7716 feet

Submitted by Jackie, John, Gail & Miller

Today, May 20th, the MMC held it’s 3rd annual TSD Road Rally and Donna and I came in first. The first year we came in 3rd and last year we finished out of the money, but this year we knocked ‘em dead.

There were 15 teams that started and we were #13 out of the gate. When Donna and I arrived at the finish we were the 4th car in. We knew that there a few cars that probably got lost, we had seen a few going the other way as we did the run, but 6 cars had fallen off the course? Turns out it was worse than that because the 3 that were at the finish ahead of us had only made it there by opening their emergency envelopes…

I guess this must have been harder than it looked to us because only one other team besides us finished with an intact envelope before the cutoff time. Four other teams didn’t open the envelope, but came in after the time allowed. Everyone who made it in cleanly got to pick something from the prize table, the top two teams also got a little cash prize to go along with their T-shirt or hat. We got a crisp piece of paper with a portrait of Andrew Jackson and the second place team, Scott Rushton & daughter, snagged an Alexander Hamilton.

We received no points for time as we were over the limit for both legs. We were long on the mileages for both legs, but were inside the spread, so we did get those points. We got the checkpoint time points by a lucky guess. On the question portion, out of 24, we missed the 3 most missed ones from above, plus 2 more. The reason we were long on time and mileage is that we stopped or backtracked to identify the churches, and it paid off as we missed only one of the 20.

Submitted by Brian Bogardus

1970 Fiat 124 Spider BS

Hagerty International Marketing Director Marcus Atkinson takes us for a ride through the English countryside in his 1970 Fiat 124 Spider BS, one of just over 200 left in the UK. 85% of the market for these cars was in the US, so every one of the early 124’s were made in left hand drive. This car was bought in California has been converted to right hand drive.

Even though the new Fiat 124 is based on the new Miata which is available from the factory in right hand drive, it doesn’t look like Fiat will be offering it that way. I wonder if some enterprising (and pound foolish) individual in England will buy a right hand drive MX-5 and a Fiat 124 and mash them up into a proper “British” Italian/Japanese chimera?