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The Lamborghini 400GT Is The Only Car Jack’s Ever Needed

“The production line was really weird back then, I mean, they had wine for lunch… Hopefully you got a car that was built with everybody, before lunch, you know?” quips Jack Riddell, owner of this 1967 Lamborghini 400 GT.

Thing is, Jack’s car may have been built on a day when the all the stars in the universe aligned to produce the best-built 400 GT: his car has nearly 300,000 miles on the clock, easily one of the world’s highest totals for a Lamborghini.

He bought the car in 1972, after simultaneously saving up and talking its owner down to $6,250. It’s been a rewarding experience ever since.

The car’s rarity at less than 250 made and Jack’s technical skills allowed him to maintain and improve the car through the years, and he’s become a trusted resource among fellow Lamborghini aficionados.

One interesting update to Jack’s car is his custom-built ignition system. He modified a Jaguar distributor and added an MSD unit, eliminating the need for constant tune-ups.

“Which is good, because I like to drive it,” he says. “You can cruise at 140 mph all day if you could do it legally, but you can’t, unfortunately…”

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2 comments to The Lamborghini 400GT Is The Only Car Jack’s Ever Needed

  • David

    It’s amazingly cool that he drives it so much. Hagerty’s estimate for a #2 car is $515,000. I guess that’s why he said he plans to keep driving it, “…as long as the insurance company doesn’t get on (his) case about it.”

  • Chip Cunningham

    Hello Jack, I’m green with envy. Would love for you to take me for a ride in “The Car”. I have fun turning wrenches & would enjoy sharing your input on how you’ve kept this classic running like a almost one off. Chip Cunningham